Section AOG: Descendants of Philip Taber

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Generation One

1. PHILIP1 TABER was born about 1605[12, 18], and died between 1662 and 1682[6, 14, 19]. He married (1st) before 21 Dec. 1639[19], (ABV-5) LYDIA MASTERS, daughter of (ABV-1) John and Jane (_____) MASTERS, who was born about 1615[15]. He married (2nd) before 1669[18], JANE _____, who died between 27 April 1682 and 31 Dec. 4095[18]. [1, 2, 6, 8, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19]
Freeman of Mass. Bay Colony Oct 1630, at Watertown in 1634. He was frequently
moving from one town to another to engage in business as a carpenter and
builder. When Yarmouth was first settled he went there and for 2 yrs was
Deputy to the General Court of Plymouth Colony 1639-40.
Moved to Martha'a Vineyard and lived at Pease's Point, Edgartown.
1651 helped build the Mill Dam at New London.
1654 chosen as 1 of the 4 magistrates to govern Martha's Vineyard.
1656 living at Portsmouth, RI, which he representated for 3 yrs at the General
Court of the Union of the R.I. Colonies.
1664 lived in Newport
1667 in Providence
1671 appeared in court with Roger Williams as witnesses[1]
FDR descends through son Thomas
Banks (1937-143) says he came from Kilmington, Somerset (7 mi. NE of Wincanton and 8 mi. E of Batcombe), Somerset.[13]
A number of incorrect statements appear in various sources and are refuted in "The Great Migration Begins". Such incorrect statements include:
[1] Philip Taber first appears at Plymouth in 1630;
[2] Philip Taber and Lydia Masters were married on 21 December 1639;
[3] Philip Taber had a daughter Esther who married Mayhew;
[4] Philip Taber married second Jane Latham, sister of Cary Latham;
[5] Philip Tabor died in Tiverton.[19]
Children of: Philip1 TABER and Lydia MASTERS:
+2i.LYDIA2 TABER, b. in 1640[19] in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts, United States; d. in 1720 in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island, United States; m. (1) on 16 April 1664[19] in Providence[19] (AOX-11) REV. PARDON TILLINGHAST, b. in Seven Cliffs, Sussex, England, United Kingdom[3, 6] in 1622[3, 6], d. in Providence[5] on 29 JAN 1717/8[5], son of (AOX-2) Pardon and (HM-23) Sarah (BROWNE) TILLINGHAST; m. (2) on 4 Nov. 1718[19, 20] in Providence, Newport Co., Rhode Island[19, 20] (ABS-18) SAMUEL MASON, b. in Rehoboth, Bristol Co., Massachusetts[10] on 12 Feb. 1657[10], d. in Swansea, Bristol Co.[20] on 21 Jan. 1744[20], son of (ABS-9) Sampson and (IS-11) Mary (BUTTERWORTH) MASON.
3ii.JOHN TABER, bp. on 8 Nov. 1640[18] in Barnstable[18]; d. about 1700.
+4iii.PHILIP TABER, bp. in 1646[14] in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts[14]; d. about 1695[14] in Dartmouth, Bristol Co.; m. (1) MARY THOMPSON; m. (2) in 1667 in Plymouth (LN-2) MARY COOK, chr. on 12 Jan. 1648, d. in Dartmouth in 1694, daughter of (LN-1) John and Sarah (WARREN) COOK.
+5iv.THOMAS B. TABER, b. in Feb. 1644 in Barnstable; d. on 11 Nov. 1730; m. (1) in June 1672 MARY THOMPSON of Dartmouth, b. of Dartmouth in 1650, d. on 3 May 1723; m. (2) ESTHER COOKE, b. in Plymouth on 16 Aug. 1650, d. in 1672.
6v.JOSEPH TABER, bp. in Feb. 1646 in Barnstable; d. about 1720[19]; m. (1) in 1680 HANNAH GRAY, b. about 1648; m. (2) MARY GLADDEN.

Generation Two

2. LYDIA2 TABER (Philip1), daughter of (1) Philip1 and (ABV-5) Lydia (MASTERS) TABER, was born in 1640[19] in Barnstable, and died in 1720 in Providence, Providence Co. She married (1st) in Providence, Providence Co.[19], on 16 April 1664[19], (AOX-11) REV. PARDON TILLINGHAST, son of (AOX-2) Pardon and (HM-23) Sarah (BROWNE) TILLINGHAST, who was born in 1622[3, 6] in Seven Cliffs[3, 6], was christened on 2 Jan. 1625[4], and died on 29 JAN 1717/8[5] in Providence, Providence Co.[5]. She married (2nd) in Providence, Newport Co.[19, 20], on 4 Nov. 1718[19, 20], (ABS-18) SAMUEL MASON, son of (ABS-9) Sampson and (IS-11) Mary (BUTTERWORTH) MASON, who was born on 12 Feb. 1657[10] in Rehoboth[10], died on 21 Jan. 1744[20] in Swansea[20], and was buried on 23 JAN 1743/4[20] in Kickemuit Cemetery, Swansea[11]. [7, 9, 19]
Children of: Lydia2 TABER and Rev. Pardon TILLINGHAST: See (AOX-11) Rev. Pardon TILLINGHAST
4. PHILIP2 TABER (Philip1), son of (1) Philip1 and (ABV-5) Lydia (MASTERS) TABER, was born between 1629 and Feb. 1646[18], was christened in 1646[14] in Plymouth[14], died between 1688 and 1704[14] in Dartmouth and was buried in Dartmouth. He married (1st) MARY THOMPSON. He married (2nd) in Plymouth, in 1667, (LN-2) MARY COOK, daughter of (LN-1) John and Sarah (WARREN) COOK, who was born about Jan. 1648 in Plymouth, was christened on 12 Jan. 1648, and died in 1694 in Dartmouth. [14, 18, 21]
Children of: Philip2 TABER and Mary COOK:
7i.MARY3 TABER, b. on 28 Jan. 1668 in Dartmouth; d. in 1759.
8ii.SARAH TABER, b. on 26 March 1671 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750.
9iii.LYDIA TABER, b. on 28 Sept. 1673 in Dartmouth; d. in 1743.
10iv.PHILIP TABER, b. on 29 Feb. 1675 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750.
11v.ABIGAIL TABER, b. on 27 Oct. 1678 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750.
12vi.ESTHER TABER, b. on 23 Feb. 1680 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750.
13vii.JOHN TABER, b. on 18 July 1684 in Dartmouth; d. on 11 Oct. 1728.
14viii.BETHIAH TABER, b. on 18 April 1689 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750.
15ix.BETHIA TABER, b. on 18 April 1689 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750.
5. THOMAS B.2 TABER (Philip1), son of (1) Philip1 and (ABV-5) Lydia (MASTERS) TABER, was born in Feb. 1644 in Barnstable, was christened in Barnstable, and died on 11 Nov. 1730. He married (1st) in June 1672, MARY THOMPSON of Dartmouth, who was born in 1650 of Dartmouth, and died on 3 May 1723. He married (2nd) ESTHER COOKE, who was born on 16 Aug. 1650 in Plymouth, was christened on 16 Aug. 1650, and died in 1672.
This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
John /COOK/ (AFN:8J6W-98) and Sarah /WARREN/ (AFN:2FJR-9B)
Children of: Thomas B.2 TABER and Mary THOMPSON:
16i.LYDIA3 TABER, b. on 8 Aug. 1673 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750; m. JOHN KINNEY.
17ii.SARAH TABER, b. on 28 Nov. 1674 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750; m. WILLIAM HART.
18iii.MARY TABER, b. on 18 March 1677 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750; m. MANASSEH MORTON.
19iv.JOSEPH TABER, b. on 7 March 1679 in Dartmouth; d. in 1752 in Dartmouth.
20v.TOMAS TABER, (TWIN), b. on 22 Feb. 1681 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750; m. REBECCA HARLOW.
21vi.JOHN TABER, (TWIN), b. on 22 Feb. 1681 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750; m. PHEBE SPOONER.
22vii.JACOB TABER, b. on 26 July 1683 in Dartmouth; d. on 4 April 1713; m. SARAH WEST.
23viii.JONATHAN TABER, b. on 22 Sept. 1685 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750.
24ix.BETHIA TABER, b. on 3 Sept. 1687 in Dartmouth; d. on 6 Aug. 1758; m. CALEB BLACKWELL.
25x.PHILIP TABER, b. on 7 Feb. 1689 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750; m. SUSANNAH TUCKER.
26xi.ABIGAIL TABER, b. on 3 May 1693 in Dartmouth; d. about 1750; m. EBENEZER TABER.

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