Section AOM: Descendants of Rev. John Tillinghast

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Generation One

1. REV. JOHN1 TILLINGHAST was born between 1543/4 and 1585/6, and died between 16 Sept. 1623 and 31 Dec. 1624. He married (AFZ-2) ALICE PARDON, daughter of (AFZ-1) Gregory PARDON, who was born about 1570[14]. [14]
+2i.PARDON2 TILLINGHAST, b. about 1593[14] in Streat, Sussex, England, United Kingdom; d. about 1665; m. on 26 Nov. 1622 in Streat (HL-23) SARAH BROWNE, b. in Ifield, Sussex[17] on 24 Aug. 1600[17], daughter of (HL-15) Benjamin and Sarah (LECHFORD) BROWNE.
3ii.JOHN TILLINGHAST, b. in 1604[14]; d. in 1655[14].
4iii.ROBERT TILLINGHAST, b. about 1600/1.
5iv.SYMON TILLINGHAST, b. about 1600/1.
6v.ANN TILLINGHAST, b. about 1600/1.
7vi.MARY TILLINGHAST, b. about 1600/1.
8vii.SARAH TILLINGHAST, b. about 1600/1.
9viii.ALICE TILLINGHAST, b. about 1600/1.

Generation Two

2. PARDON2 TILLINGHAST (John1), son of (1) Rev. John1 and (AFZ-2) Alice (PARDON), was born about 1593[14] in Streat, and died between 1655 and 1675. He married in Streat, on 26 Nov. 1622, (HL-23) SARAH BROWNE, daughter of (HL-15) Benjamin and Sarah (LECHFORD) BROWNE, who was born on 24 Aug. 1600[17] in Ifield[17]. [17, 14]
10i.JOHN3 TILLINGHAST, b. about 1625[14] in Seven Cliffs, Sussex.
+11ii.REV. PARDON TILLINGHAST, b. in 1622[3, 7] in Seven Cliffs[3, 7]; d. on 29 Jan. 1717/8[6] in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island, United States[6]; m. (1) SARAH BUTTERWORTH, b. about 1627; m. (2) on 16 April 1664[13] in Providence[13] (ANU-2) LYDIA TABER, b. in Barnstable, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts, United States about 1648[13], d. in Providence in 1720, daughter of (ANU-1) Philip and (ABO-5) Lydia (MASTERS) TABER.
12iii.SARAH TILLINGHAST, b. on 15 Nov. 1627 in Seven Cliffs.
13iv.ANNE TILLINGHAST, b. about 1629 in Seven Cliffs; d. on 12 Sept. 1636.

Generation Three

11. REV. PARDON3 TILLINGHAST (Pardon2, John1), son of (2) Pardon2 and (HL-23) Sarah (BROWNE) TILLINGHAST, was born in 1622[3, 7] in Seven Cliffs[3, 7], was christened on 2 Jan. 1625[5], and died on 29 Jan. 1717/8[6] in Providence[6]. He married (1st) SARAH BUTTERWORTH, who was born about 1627. He married (2nd) in Providence[13], on 16 April 1664[13], (ANU-2) LYDIA TABER, daughter of (ANU-1) Philip and (ABO-5) Lydia (MASTERS) TABER, who was born about 1648[13] in Barnstable, and died in 1720 in Providence. [2, 7, 1, 4, 9, 11, 17, 3, 5, 6, 10]
Living in Providence in 1667. A noted Baptist minister, builder of the first wharf in Providence, and, as a merchant, the founder of a wealthy and noted family.This individual has alternate parents in the database:
(AON-1) Pardon and Elizabeth (_____) (TILLINGHAST) TILLINGHAST

Children of: Rev. Pardon3 TILLINGHAST and Lydia TABER:
14i.LYDIA4 TILLINGHAST, b. on 18 April 1666 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island; d. on 30 June 1707; m. JOHN AUDLEY.
15ii.PARDON TILLINGHAST, b. on 16 Feb. 1668 in Providence; d. on 15 Oct. 1743; m. MARY KEECH.
16iii.PHILLIP TILLINGHAST, b. on 15 Oct. 1669 in Providence; d. on 14 March 1732; m. MARTHA HOLMES.
17iv.BENJAMIN TILLINGHAST, b. on 3 Feb. 1671/2 in Providence; d. on 14 Sept. 1726; m. SARAH RHODES.
18v.ABIGAIL TILLINGHAST, b. on 30 March 1673 in Providence; d. in 1744; m. NICHOLAS SHELDON.
19vi.JOSEPH TILLINGHAST, b. on 11 Aug. 1677 in Providence; d. on 1 Dec. 1763; m. (1) FREELOVE STAFFORD; m. (2) MARY HENDRON.
20vii.MERCY TILLINGHAST, b. in Sept. 1680 in Providence; d. on 13 Nov. 1769; m. NICHOLAS POWER.
+21viii.HANNAH TILLINGHAST of Providence, b. in 1682; d. in 1731 in Swansea, Bristol Co., Massachusetts; m. (TV-10) JOHN HAILE, b. about 1677[15, 16], d. on 19 Feb. 1718[15, 16], son of (TV-9) Richard and (HZ-8) Mary (BULLOCK) HAILE.
22ix.ELIZABETH TILLINGHAST, b. in 1685 in Providence; d. after 1750; m. PHILLIP TABER.

Generation Four

21. HANNAH4 TILLINGHAST (Pardon3, Pardon2, John1) of Providence, daughter of (11) Rev. Pardon3 and (ANU-2) Lydia (TABER), was born in 1682, died in 1731 in Swansea and was buried in Kickemuit Cemetery, Swansea. She married (TV-10) JOHN HAILE, son of (TV-9) Richard and (HZ-8) Mary (BULLOCK) HAILE, who was born about 1677[15, 16], died on 19 Feb. 1718[15, 16], and was buried in Kickemuit Cemetery[16]. [8, 12]
Children: See (TV-10) John HAILE

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