Section VV: Descendants of John Hulstock

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Generation One

1. JOHN1 HULSTOCK was born in England, United Kingdom[1], and died between 12 Jan. 1852 and 1938. He married (ATH-19) ROSA WILLOUGHBY, daughter of (ATH-3) Benjamin and (ACW-5) Diadema (MITCHELL) WILLOUGHBY, who was born in Canada[1].

From the 12 Jan. 1852 census, in North Gwillimbury, York Co., Ontario, Canada[1]:

NameOccupationBirthplaceAge at Next BirthdayGenderMarital StatusBorn During 1851Houses|KindHouses|Stories
Benjamin WilloughbyLabourerCanada45MMLog1
Diana WilloughbyCanada46FM
Ezuba WilloughbyCanada18FS
Larne WilloughbyCanada16FS
Hannah WilloughbyCanada14FS
George WilloughbyCanada13MS
Mary WilloughbyCanada10FS
John HulstockLaborerEngland25MM
Rosa HulstockCanada20FM
Maria HulstockCanada2FS
Ellice HulstockCanada1MSY

2i.MARIA2 HULSTOCK, b. about 1850 in Canada[1].
3ii.ELLICE HULSTOCK, b. about 1851 in Canada[1].

1. 1851 Canada Census, North Gwillimbury, York Co., Ontario, personal schedule, 41.