Section ALW: Descendants of Thomas Silverthorn

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Generation One

1. THOMAS1 SILVERTHORN was born between 1806 and 1851 in Canada[5], and died between 1865 and 1961. He married FRANCES CRIMPEN, who was born about 1840 in New York, United States[5]. [1, 2]
+2i.JOSEPHINE2 SILVERTHORN, b. 12 May 1865[2] in Canada English, Canada[6]; d. on 5 Feb. 1943[2] in Seattle, King Co., Washington, United States[2]; m. about 1884[9] (DB-25) JOHN W. BALCOM, b. in Vienna, Bayham, Elgin, Ontario, Canada[3] on 8 Oct. 1854[3], d. in Seattle[3] on 14 Oct. 1931[3], son of (DB-20) Perry and Eliza (BAIN) BALCOM.

Generation Two

2. JOSEPHINE2 SILVERTHORN (Thomas1), daughter of (1) Thomas1 and Frances (CRIMPEN) SILVERTHORN, was born 12 May 1865[2] in Canada English[6], and died on 5 Feb. 1943[2] in Seattle[2]. She married about 1884[9], (DB-25) JOHN W. BALCOM, son of (DB-20) Perry and Eliza (BAIN) BALCOM, who was born on 8 Oct. 1854[3] in Vienna[3], and died on 14 Oct. 1931[3] in Seattle[3].

From the 1 June 1900 census, in Evangeline Twp, Charlevoix Co, Michigan, United States[5]:

Dwelling #Family #NameColorGenderBirth month and yearAgeMarital StatusYears of MarriageNumber of ChildrenChildren LivingBirthplaceFather's BirthplaceMother's BirthplaceImmigration YearYears in USNaturalization
103326Balcom, JohnWMOCT 185445M16CanadaMichiganMichigan185644Na
Balcom, JosephineWFMAY 186634M1633CanadaCanadaNew York186832
Balcom, GraceWFOCT 188415SMichiganCanadaCanada
Balcom, John F.WMDEC 188613SMichiganCanadaCanada
Balcom, MelbourneWMJUL 189910/12SMichiganCanadaCanada
104227Balcom, CharlesWMNOV 185940M14CanadaMichiganMichigan187426Na
Balcom, MarionWFJAN 186931M1411CanadaCanadaCanada188317
Balcom, PearlWFJAN 18873SMichiganCanadaCanada

From the 15 April 1910 census, in Seattle[8]:

AddressDwelling #Family #NameGenderColorAgeMarital StatusYears of MarriageNumber of ChildrenChildren LivingBirthplaceFather's BirthplaceMother's BirthplaceImmigration YearNaturalizationLanguageOccupationPlace of Work
2236 W. 61st St.127134Balcom, J. W.MW56M227Canada Eng.CanadaCanada1860noEnglishLodging HausKeeper
Balcom, JosephineFW46M12733CanadaCanadaCanada1870English
Balcom, Grace E.FW26SMichiganCanadaCanadaEnglishStenographerGeneral
Balcom, John F.MW23SMichiganCanadaCanadaEnglishBookeeper
Balcom, MelbourneMW11SMichiganCanadaCanadaEnglishnone

From the 1 Jan. 1920 census, in Bossert, King Co.[7]:

Dwelling #Family #NameHome Owned or RentedHome Owned Free or MortgagedGenderColorAgeMarital StatusImmigration YearNaturalizationNaturalization YearAttended School Within the YearCan ReadCan WriteBirthplaceMother TongueFather's BirthplaceFather's Mother TongueMother's BirthplaceMother's Mother TongueCan Speak EnglishOccupation|OccupationOccupation|Industry
7891Balcom, John W.OFMW65M1900yesyesCanadaEnglishUnited StatesMichiganyesFarmingOwn farm
Balcom, JosephineFW55M1875Na1875yesyesCanadaEngCanadaEnglishNew YorkyesNone
Balcom, John F.MW33S1865Na1865yesyesMichiganCanadaEnglishCanadaEnglishyesStill workershipyard
Balcom, MeburneMW21SyesyesyesMichiganCanadaEnglishCanadaEnglishyes
7992Balcom, CharlesRMW56D1880Na1880yesyesCanadaEnglishUnited StatesMichiganyesLaborer

From the 1 April 1930 census, in Bossert[6]:

Family #NameHome Data|Owned?Home Data|Value or Monthly RentalHome Data|Radio SetHome Data|On a FarmPersonal|SexPersonal|ColorPersonal|AgePersonal|Marital ConditionPersonal|Age at First MarriageEducation|Attended School Within the YearEducation|Can Read and WriteBirthplaceFather's BirthplaceMother's BirthplaceLanguageCitizenship|Immigration YearCitizenship|NaturalizationCitizenship|Can Speak EnglishIndustry|OccupationIndustry|Place of Work
49Balcom, John W.O5500yesyesMW75M29noyesCanada EnglishCanada EnglishMichiganEng.190043yesRancherRetired
Balcom, JosephineFW64M19noyesCanada EnglishCanada EnglishNew YorkEng.190043yesEnumeratorState Census

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Children: See (DB-25) John W. BALCOM

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