Section ATR: Descendants of Joel C. Witherell

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Generation One

1. JOEL C.1 WITHERELL was born in 1833[1] in Livingston Co., New York, United States[4], and died on 20 Aug. 1916 in Coopersville, Ottawa Co., Michigan, United States. He married (SX-4) MARTHA M. GREEN, daughter of (SX-2) Esick and (LY-2) Sarah "Sally" (COTTON) (HACKETT) GREEN, who was born on 27 Jan. 1843[4] in Indiana, United States[2], and died on 11 July 1908[4] in Chester Twp., Ottawa Co.[4].

From the 1 June 1870 census, in Ravenna, Muskegon Co., Michigan[2]:

Dwelling #Family #NameAgeGenderColorOccupationPersonal Estate ValueBirthplaceBirth MonthDateAttended School Within the YearMale Citizen Over 21
206194Witherell, Joel38MWFarmer250NYY
Witherell, Martha M.27FWKeeps houseIN
Witherell, Thomas J.10MWMI
Witherell, Martha Ann8FWMIY
Witherell, Hattie M.3FWMI
Witherell, John J.5/12MWMIJanJAN 1870

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2i.THOMAS J.2 WITHERELL, b. in May 1860[1] in Michigan[2].
3ii.MARTHA ANN WITHERELL, b. about 1861 in Michigan[2].
4iii.HATTIE M. WITHERELL, b. about 1866 in Michigan[2].
5iv.JOHN J. WITHERELL, b. in Jan. 1870[2] in Michigan[2].

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