Section RC: Descendants of William Fortescue

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Generation One

1. WILLIAM1 FORTESCUE was born between 1274/5 and 1341, and died between 1334 and 1451. He married (ANF-2) ALICE DE STRECHLEGH, daughter of (ANF-1) Walter DE STRECHLEGH.
+2i.WILLIAM2 FORTESCUE, b. about 1345[1]; d. after 1410[1]; m. (EF-9) ELIZABETH BEAUCHAMP, b. before 1349[1], d. after 1410[1], daughter of (EF-8) John, [Sir Knight] and (ASR-2) Margaret (WHALESBURGH).

Generation Two

2. WILLIAM2 FORTESCUE (William1), son of (1) William1 and (ANF-2) Alice (de STRECHLEGH) FORTESCUE, was born about 1345[1], and died between 1410 and 1465[1]. He married (EF-9) ELIZABETH BEAUCHAMP, daughter of (EF-8) John, [Sir Knight] and (ASR-2) Margaret (WHALESBURGH), who was born before 1349[1], and died after 1410[1]. [6, 1]
+3i.WILLIAM3 FORTESCUE, b. about 1385[1]; m. (PT-2) MATILDA FALWELL, daughter of (PT-1) John FALWELL.

Generation Three

3. WILLIAM3 FORTESCUE (William2, William1), son of (2) William2 and (EF-9) Elizabeth (BEAUCHAMP) FORTESCUE, was born about 1385[1], and died between 1409 and 1505. He married (PT-2) MATILDA FALWELL, daughter of (PT-1) John FALWELL. [2, 6, 1]
+4i.JOHN4 FORTESCUE, b. about 1420[1]; d. on 11 March 1460/1[8]; m. before 1450[1] (AIA-2) JOAN PRUTTESTON of Preston, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom, d. on 23 May 1501[1], daughter of (AIA-1) John PRUTTESTON.

Generation Four

4. JOHN4 FORTESCUE (William3, William2, William1), son of (3) William3 and (PT-2) Matilda (FALWELL) FORTESCUE, was born about 1420[1], and died on 11 March 1460/1[8]. He married before 1450[1], (AIA-2) JOAN PRUTTESTON of Preston, daughter of (AIA-1) John PRUTTESTON, who died on 23 May 1501[1]. [3, 5, 1, 8, 7]
5i.JOHN5 FORTESCUE, b. about 1440/1; m. (KY-2) ALICE COCKWORTHY, daughter of (KY-1) John and (KF-2) Thomasine (CHICHESTER) COCKWORTHY.
+6ii.WILLIAM FORTESQUE of Wymston, b. about 1460[9]; d. on 1 Feb. 1519/20[9]; m. (IX-14) ELIZABETH CHAMPERNOUN, b. about 1465[10], d. before 1518[10], daughter of (IX-13) Richard and Elizabeth (REYNELL) CHAMPERNOUN.

Generation Five

6. WILLIAM5 FORTESQUE (John4, William3, William2, William1) of Wymston, son of (4) John4 and (AIA-2) Joan (PRUTTESTON) FORTESCUE, was born about 1460[9], and died on 1 Feb. 1519/20[9]. He married (IX-14) ELIZABETH CHAMPERNOUN, daughter of (IX-13) Richard and Elizabeth (REYNELL) CHAMPERNOUN, who was born about 1465[10], and died before 1518[10]. [9, 4]
+7i.JANE6 FORTESQUE, b. about 1485[11]; d. before 12 May 1527[11]; m. about 1501[11] (KW-2) JOHN COBLEIGH of Brightleigh, b. about 1479[1], d. on 24 Oct. 1540[1], son of (KW-1) Sir John and (KY-2) Alice (COCKWORTHY).

Generation Six

7. JANE6 FORTESQUE (William5, John4, William3, William2, William1), daughter of (6) William5 and (IX-14) Elizabeth (CHAMPERNOUN) FORTESQUE, was born about 1485[11], and died between 1 Jan. and 12 May 1527[11]. She married about 1501[11], (KW-2) JOHN COBLEIGH of Brightleigh, son of (KW-1) Sir John and (KY-2) Alice (COCKWORTHY), who was born about 1479[1], and died on 24 Oct. 1540[1]. [11, 4]
Child: See (KW-2) John COBLEIGH

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