Section AED: Descendants of Sir Robert de Muscegros

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Generation One

1. SIR ROBERT1 DE MUSCEGROS was born between 1172 and 1218, and died between 1186 and 29 Jan. 1254[1]. He married (AAW-5) HAWISE MALET, daughter of (AAW-4) Sir William II and (DX-7) Alice (BASSET), who died after 4 May 1287[1]. [1]
+2i.SIR JOHN2 DE MUSCEGROS, b. on 10 Aug. 1232[1]; d. on 8 May 1275[1]; m. (CQ-2) CECILY AVENAL, d. before 10 Aug. 1301[1], daughter of (CQ-1) Sir William.

Generation Two

2. SIR JOHN2 DE MUSCEGROS (Robert1), son of (1) Sir Robert1 and (AAW-5) Hawise (MALET) (POYNTZ), was born on 10 Aug. 1232[1], and died on 8 May 1275[1]. He married (CQ-2) CECILY AVENAL, daughter of (CQ-1) Sir William, who died before 10 Aug. 1301[1]. [13, 7, 2, 1]
+3i.SIR ROBERT3 DE MUSCEGROS, b. about 1255; m. (PX-20) AGNES DE FERRERS, b. before 1255, d. after 9 May 1281, daughter of (PX-13) William, 5th Earl of Derby and (AIF-10) Lady Margaret (de QUINCY).

Generation Three

3. SIR ROBERT3 DE MUSCEGROS (John2, Robert1), son of (2) Sir John2 and (CQ-2) Cecily (AVENAL), was born between 1246 and 1262, and died between 1275 and 1372. He married (PX-20) AGNES DE FERRERS, daughter of (PX-13) William, 5th Earl of Derby and (AIF-10) Lady Margaret (de QUINCY), who was born before 1255, and died after 9 May 1281. [3, 8, 6, 12]
+4i.HAWISE4 DE MUSCEGROS, b. on 21 Dec. 1276[10]; d. after 23 June 1340[11]; m. (1) between 2 Feb. 1298 and 31 Dec. 1300[10] (PX-21) SIR JOHN DE FERRERS, b. in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom[10] on 20 June 1271[10], d. in Gascony, France in Aug. 1312, son of (PX-17) Robert, 6th Earl of Derby and (FR-9) Alianore (de BOHUN); m. (2) before 1315[10] (IE-1) JOHN DE BURES.

Generation Four

4. HAWISE4 DE MUSCEGROS (Robert3, John2, Robert1), daughter of (3) Sir Robert3 and (PX-20) Agnes (de FERRERS), was born on 21 Dec. 1276[10], and died after 23 June 1340[11]. She married (1st) between 2 Feb. 1298 and 31 Dec. 1300[10], (PX-21) SIR JOHN DE FERRERS, son of (PX-17) Robert, 6th Earl of Derby and (FR-9) Alianore (de BOHUN), who was born on 20 June 1271[10] in Cardiff[10], and died in Aug. 1312 in Gascony. She married (2nd) before 1315[10], (IE-1) JOHN DE BURES. [4, 9, 10, 6, 5, 12, 11]
Children of: Hawise4 de MUSCEGROS and Sir John de FERRERS: See (PX-21) Sir John de FERRERS

Child of: Hawise4 de MUSCEGROS and John de BURES: See (IE-1) John de BURES

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