Section QX: Descendants of Count Bertrand de Forcalquier

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Generation One

1. COUNT BERTRAND1 DE FORCALQUIER was born about 1104, and died in 1150[1]. He married JOSCERANNE DE LA FLOTTE, who was born about 1106. [2, 1]
+2i.WILLIAM IV COUNT2 FORCALQUIER, b. about 1130; d. in 1209[1]; m. BEATRICE _____.

Generation Two

2. WILLIAM IV COUNT2 FORCALQUIER (Bertrand1), son of (1) Count Bertrand1 and Josceranne (de la FLOTTE), was born about 1130, and died in 1209[1]. He married BEATRICE _____. [2, 1]
+3i.GARSINDE COUNTESS3 OF FORCALQUIER, b. about 1156; m. (AJS-1) RAIMOND DE SABRAN of Forcalquier, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France, b. about 1154, d. in 1224.

Generation Three

3. GARSINDE COUNTESS3 OF FORCALQUIER (William IV Count2, Bertrand1), daughter of (2) William IV Count2 and Beatrice (_____) FORCALQUIER, was born about 1156, and died between 1170 and 1276. She married (AJS-1) RAIMOND DE SABRAN of Forcalquier, who was born about 1154, and died in 1224. [2]
Child: See (AJS-1) Raimond de SABRAN

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