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Generation One

1. _____ BOUTON was born between 1536/7 and 1603, and died between 1596 and 1713.
"Noel Bouton, marquis de Chamilly, feigneur de Saint-L‚ger & de Saint-Gilles
[paroiffe de Dennevy, en Bourgogne], mar‚chal de France, gouverneur de Stras-
bourg, commandant en chef dans le haut & bas Poitou [n‚ le 6 avril 1636],
mourut `a Paris le 8 janvier 1715 [fans poft‚rit‚, & fut inhum‚ `a Saint-Jean
en Gr‚ve].
[Il ‚tait 6e fils de Nicolas Bouton, comte de Chamilly, & de Marie de Cirey.]
Voyez au chapitre des Mar‚chaux de France, t. VII de cette Historie, p. 639."
From MSU Library CS 586.A63 1968 T.9 PTIE.1
"Historie de la Maison Royale de France", 1968.
+3ii.JOHN BOUTON, b. about 1607; d. before 1647[16] in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, United States[11]; m. ALICE _____, b. about 1610[3], d. in Hartford in Dec. 1680.

Generation Two

3. JOHN2 BOUTON (_____1), son of (1) _____ BOUTON, was born about 1607, and died between 1641 and 1647[16] in Hartford[11]. He married ALICE _____, who was born about 1610[3], and died in Dec. 1680 in Hartford. [6, 15, 3, 13, 16, 11] says
"Despite years of tradition that he was the son or grandson of Count Nicholas Bouton, a French Huguenot, there is no evidence to support such a relationship." says:
Found this on Schohaire County, NYGen Web Site:

'according to a French genealogy of 1733...Jean Bernard Bouton, brother of Noel and Harard died at Severne after the second battle of Norlingen in 1645." If this is true and I have no reason to doubt the information it clears the way for establishing that John Bowton who left England for Virginia aboard the Assurance in July of 1635 was indeed English. The spelling of his name on the ship manifest would reflect this whereas some how here on the North American continent the spelling was changed to Bouton most likely after his death. I will make another posting that will propose that John Bowton is most likely the John Bowton christened at Kempston, Bedofrdshire on December 15, 1616. says
"In his l900 Marvin Genealogy, W.T.R. Marvin debunked James Boughton's claim in his l890 "Bouton-Boughton Family" that the Norwalk Boutons were of Huguenot descent."

See for more on John Bowton of Kempston.
+4i.JOHN3 BOUTON JR., b. about 1635[13]; m. (1) on 1 Jan. 1656/7[9, 3] in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut[9, 3] (ABJ-9) ABIGAIL MARVIN, b. in Hartford[9] about 1637[9], d. after Dec. 1680[9], daughter of (ABJ-3) Matthew and Elizabeth (_____) MARVIN; m. (2) after 1689[3] MARY _____ of Norwalk, b. about 1636.
5ii.RICHARD BOUTON, b. about 1640[14]; d. in 1665[4] in Fairfield, Fairfield Co.[4]; m. (APT-13) RUTH TURNEY, b. in Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, United States on 28 Jan. 1643/4, d. in Fairfield[14] in 1666[14], daughter of (APT-6) Benjamin and (AFF-3) Mary (ODELL) TURNEY.
+6iii.BRIDGET BOUTON, b. about 1637[14] in Hartford; d. after 1689[14] in Norwalk; m. in 1665[2] in Norwalk[2] (XK-16) DANIEL KELLOGG, chr. in Great Leighs, Essex, England, United Kingdom[2, 12] on 6 Feb. 1629/30[2, 12], d. in Norwalk[2] in 1688[2], son of (XK-10) Martin and (FE-5) Prudence (BIRD) KELLOGG.

Generation Three

4. JOHN3 BOUTON JR. (John2, _____1), son of (3) John2 and Alice (_____) BOUTON, was born about 1635[13], and died between 25 Dec. 1706 and 27 Jan. 1707. He married (1st) in Norwalk[9, 3], on 1 Jan. 1656/7[9, 3], (ABJ-9) ABIGAIL MARVIN, daughter of (ABJ-3) Matthew and Elizabeth (_____) MARVIN, who was born about 1637[9] in Hartford[9], and died after Dec. 1680[9]. He married (2nd) after 1689[3], MARY _____ of Norwalk, who was born about 1636. [5, 7, 1, 13, 9, 4]
for his will.
Children of: John3 BOUTON Jr. and Abigail MARVIN:
7i.JOHN4 BOUTON III, b. on 30 Sept. 1659[10, 15, 3] in Norwalk[10, 15, 3]; d. on 3 Jan. 1704/5[10].
8ii.MATTHEW BOUTON, b. on 24 Dec. 1661[10, 3] in Norwalk[10, 3].
9iii.RACHEL BOUTON, b. on 15 Dec. 1667[10, 3] in Norwalk[10, 3].
10iv.ABIGAIL BOUTON, b. on 1 April 1670[10, 3] in Norwalk[10, 3].
11v.MARY BOUTON, b. on 26 May 1671[10, 3] in Norwalk[10, 3].
12vi.HANNAH BOUTON, b. about 1673[10] in Norwalk[10].
13vii.ELIZABETH BOUTON, b. about 1677[10] in Norwalk[10]; d. on 5 Aug. 1749[10].
6. BRIDGET3 BOUTON (John2, _____1), daughter of (3) John2 and Alice (_____) BOUTON, was born about 1637[14] in Hartford, was christened in Norwalk, died between 1689 and 1752[14] in Norwalk and was buried in Norwalk. She married in Norwalk[2], in 1665[2], (XK-16) DANIEL KELLOGG, son of (XK-10) Martin and (FE-5) Prudence (BIRD) KELLOGG, who was christened on 6 Feb. 1629/30[2, 12] in Great Leighs[2, 12], and died in 1688[2] in Norwalk[2]. [6, 8, 14]
Children: See (XK-16) Daniel KELLOGG

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