Section BC: Descendants of Isaac Allen

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Generation One

1. ISAAC1 ALLEN was born in May 1833[5] in Ontario, Canada[3, 1, 2], and died between June 1900 and 1943. He married (DB-22) DIANA BALCOM, daughter of (DB-20) Perry and Eliza (BAIN) BALCOM, who was born on 14 June 1843 in Ontario[3, 2], and died before May 1900[5].

From the 14 Jan. 1861 census, in Vienna, Bayham, Elgin, Ontario[1]:

NameBirthplaceReligionAge at Next BirthdayGenderMarital Status
Isaac AllanONProt.27MS

From the 2 April 1871 census, in Vienna[2]:

Dwelling #Family #NameGenderAge at Next BirthdayBirthplaceReligionOriginOccupationMarital Status
93102Allan, IsaacM36Ont.Prot.ScotchTeamsterM
Allan, DianaF30Ont.Prot.EnglishM
Allan, OrlandoM9Ont.Prot.ScotchS
Allan, FrankM5Ont.Prot.ScotchS
Allan, WallaceM3Ont.Prot.ScotchS
Allan, ChaunceyM3/12Ont.Prot.ScotchS

From the 4 April 1881 census, in Gosfield, Essex Co., Ontario[3]:

Dwelling #Family #NameGenderAgeBirthplaceOriginOccupationMarital Status
112112Allen, IsaacM44ONIrishFarmerM
Allen, DiandaF40ONDutchM
Allen, OrlandoM19ONIrishFarmerS
Allen, WallaceM14ONIrishFarmerS
Allen, ChaunceyM12ONIrishS
Allen, AdelbertM7ONIrishS
Allen, MaryM4ONIrishS

From the 1 June 1900 census, in Home Twp., Montcalm Co., Michigan, United States[5]:

Dwelling #Family #NameRelationshipColorGenderBirth month and yearAgeMarital StatusBirthplaceFather's BirthplaceMother's BirthplaceImmigration YearYears in USNaturalizationOccupation
399399Allen, IsaacHeadWMMAY 183367Wd.CanadaNew YorkCanada188317NaFarmer
Allen, AdelbertsonWMAPR 187624SCanadaCanadaCanada188317Farm laborer
Allen, WilliamsonWMDEC 188118SCanadaCanadaCanada188317

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2i.ORLANDO2 ALLAN, b. about 1862 in Ontario[4, 3, 2].
3ii.FRANK ALLAN, b. about 1866 in Ontario[2].
4iii.WALLACE ALLAN, b. about 1867 in Ontario[3, 2].
5iv.CHAUNCEY ALLEN, b. about 1869 in Ontario[3, 2]; m. on 3 Oct. 1892[8] in Stanton, Montcalm Co.[8] MARY GRANT.
6v.ADELBERT ALLEN, b. in April 1876[5] in Ontario[4, 3].
7vi.MARY ALLEN, b. about 1876 in Ontario[3].
8vii.WILLIAM ALLEN, b. in Dec. 1881[5] in Canada[5].

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