Section AGR: Descendants of Fulk Paynel

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Generation One

1. FULK1 PAYNEL of Dudley, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom was born between 882/3 and 1139, and died between 942/3 and 1249. [1, 2]
Founder of Tickford Priory near Newport Pagnell, co. Buckingham, living 1130; m. possibly a dau. of William Fitz Ansculf, a Domesday tenant with lands in several counties, whose lands Fulk eventually acquired.[1]
+2i.RALPH2 PAYNEL of Dudley, b. about 1050 of Dudley[1]; d. about 1100[1]; m. (QA-6) _____ FERRERS, daughter of (QA-3) Robert and (ARQ-2) Hawise (de VITRé), Countess of Derby DE FERRERS.

Generation Two

2. RALPH2 PAYNEL (Fulk1) of Dudley, son of (1) Fulk1 PAYNEL, was born between 942 and 1139, and died between 1053 and 1153[1]. He married (QA-6) _____ FERRERS, daughter of (QA-3) Robert and (ARQ-2) Hawise (de VITRé), Countess of Derby DE FERRERS. [1, 3]
One of the rebels against King Stephen in 1138, when he held the castle of Dudley against him, living 1141.
Evidence of the identity of his wife is her maritagium which consisted of the manor of Greenham, co. Berks (a Ferrers fee).[1]
+3i.HAWISE3 PAYNEL, b. about 1120; d. about 1200; m. (AMO-1) SIR JOHN DE SOMERY.

Generation Three

3. HAWISE3 PAYNEL (Ralph2, Fulk1), daughter of (2) Ralph2 and (QA-6) _____ (FERRERS) PAYNEL, was born between 1076/7 and 1138, and died between 1132 and 1248. She married (AMO-1) SIR JOHN DE SOMERY. [4, 5]
Child: See (AMO-1) Sir John de SOMERY

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