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Generation One

1. THOMAS1 HARRIS, son of (JT-5) Hester (CHAMBERS) (WILLIS), was born between 1552/3 and 1619, and died between 1612 and 1729. He married (FZ-6) BRIDGET BONNER, daughter of (FZ-5) Thomas and Alice (_____) BONNER. [16, 19, 20]
Perhaps grandson of John and Elizabeth (Hyron) Harris.[19]
+2i.RICHARD2 HARRIS, b. about 1623[17]; d. on 20 Oct. 1666[16] in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut, United States[16]; m. (AMH-2) ANN SMITH, b. about 1620[17], daughter of (AMH-1) Richard SMITH.

Generation Two

2. RICHARD2 HARRIS (Thomas1), son of (1) Thomas1 and (FZ-6) Bridget (BONNER) HARRIS, was born about 1623[17], and died on 20 Oct. 1666[16] in Hartford[16]. He married (AMH-2) ANN SMITH, daughter of (AMH-1) Richard SMITH, who was born about 1620[17]. [16, 17, 18]
+5i.WILLIAM3 HARRIS SR. of Block Island, Newport Co., Rhode Island, United States, b. about 1643 of Block Island; d. about July 1693[2] in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut[2]; m. on 24 July 1672[10] (WP-4) ELIZABETH INNES of Newport, Newport Co., b. of Newport[5] in 1658[5], d. in Lyme[12] in July 1729[12], daughter of (WP-1) Alexander and Catherine (_____) INNES.
6ii.RICHARD HARRIS of Braintree, Massachusetts, United States, b. about 1650/1 of Braintree[18]; d. about 1650.

Generation Three

5. WILLIAM3 HARRIS SR. (Richard2, Thomas1) of Block Island, son of (2) Richard2 and (AMH-2) Ann (SMITH) HARRIS, was born between 1626/7 and May 1643, and died between 12 June 1693 and 30 Sept. 1693[2] in Lyme[2]. He married on 24 July 1672[10], (WP-4) ELIZABETH INNES of Newport, daughter of (WP-1) Alexander and Catherine (_____) INNES, who was born in 1658[5] of Newport[5], and died in July 1729[12] in Lyme[12]. [1, 2, 3, 9, 10, 14, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27]
"William Harris lived for many years on the Island and occurs frequently in the first book of the town records, but apparently left no descendants of the name there. He probably came from Braintree and may be a kinsman of Mr. Richard Harris of that town. He later removed to Lyme, Conn., where he died in 1693. He had two sons and two daughters. His widow married Richard Smith of Lancaster, Mass., and Lyme."[23]
William appears in Register 13[1859]:37 on a list of freemen prefixed with the following: "At A Town Metting held the ninth of July In the year on thousand six hundred seventy 8 It was Concluded that the freemen of the Town ther names Should be Recorded In the Town Record : 1684", and in the list is "mr. hares", "William haress", and Alexander Innes who is listed as "Alexander Junior". It is somewhat confusing that the town meeting was in 1678 but the year 1684 is listed above the names. Champlin mentions "a list of freemen in 1684", indicating the year 1684 is his interpretation.

Moriarty, in Register 105[1951]:175-176 discusses this record and prefixes the discussion with "The Freeman's List of 1684. In 1684 a list of the Freemen of New Shoreham was entered on the town records," and lists the names as "Mr. Harris", "William Harris", and 'Alexander Enos (misread by Mr. Champlin "Alexander Junior")'. The discussion then continues, again mentioning the date 1684 (as opposed to 1678).

Since Register 105:272 shows that Alexander Innes (Sr.) died shortly before 8 Sept. 1679, and it mentions his son Alexander, the entry in the 1684 list must be the son Alexander Innes (Jr.), which would explain the entry in Champlin's list.

However, Saxbe, in NYGBR 129[1998]:227-238, then states regarding Register 105:272: 'The late G. Andrews Moriarty believed that there was an Alexander Innes (Jr.), but this man is probably a phantom based on misreadings of two early New Shoreham records. One record is a list of freemen, ostensibly dated 1684, on which Alexander Innes's name appears, five years after the documented death of Alexander. Moriarty's transcription of the roster actually combines two lists, one from 1678 and one from 1684; in the original text Alexander Innes's name appears only on the earlier list. The second record is a 1695 deed which describes a property as bounded by "land of Elecksander Eannes." A careful reading of this, and of prior New Shoreham deeds, finds that Alexander Innes was a former owner of the adjoining property. No other records imply that there was an Alexander2 Innes.'

The above is then accompanied by the following footnote: 'In Moriarty's roster most names appear twice, a clue that more than one list has been included. The distinction between the two lists is clearer on the Rhode Island Historical Society's transcription than in the difficult original records. A much-earlier transcription also combines the lists, and garbes Innes's name to "Alexander Junor." see J.D. Champlin Jr., "Early Settlers of Block Island, R.I," NEHGR 13(1859):37-38, at 37.'[14, 21, 25]
'It is possible that William Harris, of Block Island (by 1664) and Lyme, had previously owned land and lived in Hartford, because in the Hartford town records, deeds, book of distribution, p. 501, under date of 18 April 1659, is the entry "One parcell on which the sayd William Haires now dwelling [sic] house with ye house or houses thereon which he bought of William Williams of Hartford" on the highway leading to Windsor. ... Also on page 501 is recorded land in Hartford upon the Connecticut River "belonging to William Haires and his heirs, viz, woodland he bought of Richard Ffellows" - 10 acres: and four acres of swamp on the east side of the river which he bought of Andrew Sanford.'[27]
Roderick Bissell Jones, "Harris-Hamlin-Smith", TAG 46[1970]:139 states,
"In future installments of this series we hope to discuss four men as probable sons of Richard and Ann (Smith) Harris:
i. Mr. William Harris of Block Island, among the early settlers, many of whom came from Braintree, Mass., and later of Lyme, Conn.
ii. Mr. Richard Harris of Braintree and Boston, whose widow was of a Hartford family having connections in Banbury, close to Fenny Compton.
iii. John Harris of Boston, whose widow went to Lyme.
iv. Thomas Harris of Hartford, whom Lyme would not receive as an inhabitant."

I am not presently aware of any "future installment" of Jones's after 1970 where he actually discussed the parentage of William, nor am I aware of on what evidence he declared it "probable".
William went to Block Island where he was made freeman with the first settlers from Braintree in 1664. He moved in 1691 to Lyme, Conn., where Hannah (Briggs) (Harris) Brockway, widow of John Harris of Boston, was living as wife of Wolston Brockway, born in Stepney. His eldest son, William, Jr., born in 1675, married Hannah's daughter, Elizabeth Brockway. There were many other connections between these families. William died in Lyme in 1693, leaving a widow Elizabeth. Details of his life and his descendants [are] given in an article in The New York Genealogical & Biographical Record, 1952.[26]
7i.WILLIAM4 HARRIS JR., b. on 10 Feb. 1675[3, 12] in Block Island[3, 12]; d. about 1760 in Colchester, New London Co.[3]; m. on 30 Nov. 1697[3, 13] in New Shoreham, Block Island[3, 13] ELIZABETH BROCKWAY, b. in Lyme[3, 13] on 24 May 1676[3, 13], d. in Lyme[3] in July 1729[3].
8ii.THOMAS HARRIS, b. on 22 March 1677[11] in Block Island[11]; d. about 1725.
Thomas is discussed further in Gale Ion Harris, "The Supposed Children of Thomas Harris of Dutchess Colunty, New York: Reevaluation and Revisions", NYGBR 133:3-18.
9iii.ELIZABETH HARRIS, b. in 1679[11] in Block Island[11]; d. on 28 Feb. 1712[11].
10iv.MARY HARRIS, b. in 1681[11] in Block Island[11]; d. on 6 Aug. 1748[11]; bur. in Lebanon, New London Co.[11]; m. on 30 June 1716[15] PETER BALL.
11v.CATHERINE HARRIS, b. 1682[12] in Block Island[12]; d. about 1750.
+12vi.RACHEL HARRIS, b. about 1684[2, 3] in Block Island[2, 3]; d. about 1807[3] in Lyme[3]; m. on 21 JAN 1706/7[6, 8, 12, 22] in Lyme[6, 8, 12, 22] (WE-8) MOSES HUNTLEY, b. in Lyme[7, 12, 22] on 31 May 1681[7, 12, 22], d. in East Haddam, Middlesex Co., Connecticut[1, 4] before 29 Oct. 1757[1, 4], son of (WE-5) Moses Sr. and (JW-5) Abigail (CHAPPELL) (COMSTOCK).
13vii.ALEXANDER HARRIS, b. on 22 July 1685[12] in Block Island[12]; d. on 5 Sept. 1685[12] in Block Island[12].
14viii.RICHARD HARRIS, b. after 1684[12] in Block Island[12]; d. about 1750.

Generation Four

12. RACHEL4 HARRIS (William3, Richard2, Thomas1), daughter of (5) William3 Sr. and (WP-4) Elizabeth (INNES), was born between 1692/3 and 1823[2, 3] in Block Island[2, 3], and died about 1807[3] in Lyme[3]. She married in Lyme[6, 8, 12, 22], on 21 JAN 1706/7[6, 8, 12, 22], (WE-8) MOSES HUNTLEY, son of (WE-5) Moses Sr. and (JW-5) Abigail (CHAPPELL) (COMSTOCK), who was born on 31 May 1681[7, 12, 22] in Lyme[7, 12, 22], and died before 29 Oct. 1757[1, 4] in East Haddam[1, 4]. [1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 12]
"Moses Huntley Jr.'s wife, Rachel Harris, could be the daughter of William Harris of Block Island, RI, a Blacksmith, who came to Lyme, Conn, where he died by Sept., 1693."[2]
Children: See (WE-8) Moses HUNTLEY

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