Section AHU: Descendants of John Porter

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Generation One

1. JOHN1 PORTER was born about 1510 in England, United Kingdom, and died between 1539 and 1630. He married AGNES LUSCOMBE, who was born about 1512 in England.
+2i.THOMAS2 PORTER, b. in 1540 in Felstead, Essex, England; d. about 1600; m. in 1559 in Felstead ANN _____, b. in Weymouth Or Fels, Essex in 1542.

Generation Two

2. THOMAS2 PORTER (John1), son of (1) John1 and Agnes (LUSCOMBE) PORTER, was born in 1540 in Felstead, and died between 1559 and 1650. He married in Felstead, in 1559, ANN _____, who was born in 1542 in Weymouth Or Fels.
+3i.JOHN3 PORTER, b. in 1560 in Felsted, Essex; d. about 1630 in Felstead; m. on 12 Sept. 1587 in Little Baddow, Essex (ARL-3) SIBYL VESSEY, b. in Little Baddow, England on 15 Nov. 1561, d. in England on 26 Nov. 1625, daughter of (ARL-2) Thomas and Mrs. Thomas (VESSEY) VESSEY.

Generation Three

3. JOHN3 PORTER (Thomas2, John1), son of (2) Thomas2 and Ann (_____) PORTER, was born in 1560 in Felsted, was christened in 1560 in Felstead, and died between 1593 and 1670 in Felstead. He married in Little Baddow, Essex, on 12 Sept. 1587, (ARL-3) SIBYL VESSEY, daughter of (ARL-2) Thomas and Mrs. Thomas (VESSEY) VESSEY, who was born on 15 Nov. 1561 in Little Baddow, was christened on 30 Nov. 1561 in Little Baddow, Essex, and died on 26 Nov. 1625 in England. [5]
+4i.JOHN4 PORTER, bp. on 21 June 1594[5] in Felsted[5]; d. on 21 April 1648[1, 5] in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut, United States[1, 5]; m. on 18 Oct. 1620[1, 8] in Messing, Essex[1, 8] (ATJ-14) ANNA WHITE, chr. in Messing[1] on 13 July 1600[1], d. in Windsor[1] in 1647[1], daughter of (ATJ-4) Robert and (AZ-8) Bridget (ALLGAR) WHITE.

Generation Four

4. JOHN4 PORTER (John3, Thomas2, John1), son of (3) John3 and (ARL-3) Sibyl (VESSEY) PORTER, was christened on 21 June 1594[5] in Felsted[5], died on 21 April 1648[1, 5] in Windsor[1, 5] and was buried on 22 April 1648[5] in Windsor[5]. He married in Messing[1, 8], on 18 Oct. 1620[1, 8], (ATJ-14) ANNA WHITE, daughter of (ATJ-4) Robert and (AZ-8) Bridget (ALLGAR) WHITE, who was christened on 13 July 1600[1] in Messing[1], died in 1647[1] in Windsor[1], and was buried on 12 May 1648[5] in Windsor[5]. [1, 4, 5, 9]
Came from Felstead, Essex, England with wife & 9 children probably in Susan & Ellen, 17 JUL 1638, and in company with his brother-in-law Joseph Loomis.
+5i.JOHN5 PORTER, bp. on 26 May 1632 in Felsted; d. on 2 Aug. 1688[11] in Windsor[11]; m. in 1650[11] (ANH-38) MARY STANLEY of Ashford, Kent, England, chr. of Ashford on 2 FEB 1633/4, d. in Windsor[11] on 13 Sept. 1688[11], daughter of (ANH-37) Thomas and (APY-3) Benidicta (TRITTON) STANLEY.
6ii.ANN PORTER, bp. on 22 Sept. 1621 in Felstead; d. on 21 July 1653 in Windsor; bur. on 21 July 1653.
7iii.JOHN PORTER, b. in 1622 in Felstead; d. on 2 Aug. 1688 in Windsor.
8iv.SARAH PORTER, bp. on 15 MAR 1624/5[1] in Felsted[1]; d. on 16 March 1696 in Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut; bur. in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut; m. on 24 Oct. 1644[1] JOSEPH JUDSON.
9v.JAMES PORTER, bp. on 20 FEB 1627/8 in Felstead; d. on 27 Sept. 1727.
10vi.REBECCA PORTER, bp. on 16 Sept. 1630 in Felstead; d. on 9 JAN 1682/3 in Saybrook, Old Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut.
11vii.SAMUEL PORTER, b. on 22 May 1632 in Felstead; d. on 16 July 1632 in Felstead.
12viii.ROSE PORTER, bp. on 24 June 1633 in Felstead; d. on 12 May 1648 in Windsor.
13ix.SAMUEL PORTER, b. in 1635 in Felstead; d. on 6 Sept. 1689 in Hadley, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, United States.
14x.MARY PORTER, bp. on 1 Oct. 1637 in Felstead; d. about 1700.
15xi.ANNA PORTER, b. in 1638 in Messing; d. about 1700.
16xii.JAMES PORTER, b. in 1638 in Windsor; d. on 27 Sept. 1727 in England.
17xiii.NATHANIEL PORTER, b. on 19 July 1640[1] in Windsor[1]; d. on 14 Jan. 1680[2] in Stratford[2]; m. (1) HANNAH GROVES; m. (2) about 1673[14] (DE-19) ELIZABETH BALDWIN, chr. on 19 Aug. 1649[2], d. in Stratford[2, 14] on 6 FEB 1683/4[2, 14], daughter of (DE-9) John and Mary (CAMP) BALDWIN.
18xiv.HANNAH PORTER, b. on 4 Sept. 1642 in Windsor; d. on 20 Sept. 1677.
19xv.JOSEPH PORTER, b. in 1644 in Windsor; d. about 1700.

Generation Five

5. JOHN5 PORTER (John4, John3, Thomas2, John1), son of (4) John4 and (ATJ-14) Anna (WHITE) PORTER, was christened on 26 May 1632 in Felsted, and died on 2 Aug. 1688[11] in Windsor[11]. He married in 1650[11], (ANH-38) MARY STANLEY of Ashford, daughter of (ANH-37) Thomas and (APY-3) Benidicta (TRITTON) STANLEY, who was christened on 2 FEB 1633/4 of Ashford, and died on 13 Sept. 1688[11] in Windsor[11]. [3, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13]
Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1635-50
Page 100-1-2-3 Name: John Porter, Sen. Location: Windsor
Died 2 August, 1688. Invt. ?993-02-04. Taken 19 September, 1688, by John Moore sen. and Return Strong.
Whereas, our Honoured Father John Porter of Windsor Died Intestate and did not make any legal settlement of his Estate, He did inform us of some things of his purposes. We therefore, his Children, John Porter, James Porter, Nathaniel Porter, Samuel Porter, Samuel Grant sen. as guardian to Hezekiah Porter, and Thomas Bissell as guardian to Joseph Porter, in compliance with what we know to be the mind of our Father deceased, have for ourselves, our heirs, Executors & Administrators, Mutually and unanimously agreed to make Distribution of our Father's Estate as followeth. Signed by above named parties, by Enoch Drake in behalf of his Wife Sarah, and Thomas Loomis in behalf of his Wife Hanah, and Rebeckah and Ruth Porter, all signed and sealed. Entered and Recorded in Windsor, 2 Book of Records of Land, Page 241-242. Acknowledged 12 January, 1688-9, before John Allyn, one of the Council of his Majistie's Territory of New England.
Witnessed by John Allyn. Thomas Allyn.
Court Record, Page 11--6 March, 1689-90: Joseph Porter's Guardian being deceased, this Court appoint John Moore to be Guardian & to take Care of all his Concernments.
Page 25--5 March, 1690-1: Agreement exhibited and approved, and Adms. granted to John Porter.
Note: (W. R.)--Nathaniel Loomis & Ruth Porter married 28 November, 1689; Timothy Loomis & Rebeckah Porter married 20 March, 1689-90; Thomas Loomis & Hannah Porter married 17 December, 1682.
Connecticut 1670 Census (MSU: F93.H73) p.32
Porter, John 1670-03-07 Windsor HS:12 WYLL 24:194
(Date, town, household size, source)
Also, another (same or different?) John Porter...
Porter, John 1672-00-00 Farmington EV:33 PORT 41:64
(EV is Estate Valuation in pounds)
"Topographical Dictionary..." (MSU: F3.B35)
Came from ?, Dorsetshire, England to Hingham, MA (Perley Salem 2/161)
Came from Felstead, Essex, England to Dorchester
Hartford, CN
+20i.HANNAH6 PORTER, b. on 1 June 1662[11]; d. on 1 Jan. 1740[12]; m. on 17 Dec. 1682[12] (AAC-26) THOMAS LOOMIS, b. in Windsor[12] on 17 March 1656[12], d. on 19 April 1746[12], son of (AAC-10) Thomas and Hannah (FOX) LOOMIS.

Generation Six

20. HANNAH6 PORTER (John5, John4, John3, Thomas2, John1), daughter of (5) John5 and (ANH-38) Mary (STANLEY) PORTER, was born on 1 June 1662[11], and died on 1 Jan. 1740[12]. She married on 17 Dec. 1682[12], (AAC-26) THOMAS LOOMIS, son of (AAC-10) Thomas and Hannah (FOX) LOOMIS, who was born on 17 March 1656[12] in Windsor[12], and died on 19 April 1746[12]. [7, 11, 12, 13]
John Porter genealogy shows Hannah married Thos. Loomis[11]
Listed as a next of kin of brother, Samuel Porter, 19 December 1694, in "Hartford, Connecticut Probate Records, 1635-50" at
Child: See (AAC-26) Thomas LOOMIS

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