Section NG: Descendants of Count Manasses de Dammartin

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Generation One

1. COUNT MANASSES1 DE DAMMARTIN was born between 926 and 1023, and died in 1037[5]. [5]
+2i.COUNT HUGUES I2 DE DAMMARTIN, b. about 1038; d. about 1100[5]; m. ROARDE _____.

Generation Two

2. COUNT HUGUES I2 DE DAMMARTIN (Manasses1), son of (1) Count Manasses1, was born between 979 and 1038, and died between 1090 and 1110[5]. He married ROARDE _____. [5]
+3i.COUNT HUGUES II3 DE DAMMARTIN, b. before 1111[5]; d. about 1160; m. ROTHRIDE _____.

Generation Three

3. COUNT HUGUES II3 DE DAMMARTIN (Hugues I2, Manasses1), son of (2) Count Hugues I2 and Roarde (_____), was born before 1111[5], and died between 1111 and 1206. He married ROTHRIDE _____. [5]
+4i.COUNT ALBERIC I4 DE DAMMARTIN, b. about 1100; d. in 1183[5]; m. before 1150 (AKV-5) CLEMENCE (OF BAR-LE-DUC) OF CLERMONT, b. between 1110 and 1130[1], d. about 1210[1], daughter of (AKV-4) Renaud I and (AAF-3) Gisele (de VAUDEMONT) OF BAR-LE-DUC.

Generation Four

4. COUNT ALBERIC I4 DE DAMMARTIN (Hugues II3, Hugues I2, Manasses1), son of (3) Count Hugues II3 and Rothride (_____), was born about 1100, and died in 1183[5]. He married before 1150, (AKV-5) CLEMENCE (OF BAR-LE-DUC) OF CLERMONT, daughter of (AKV-4) Renaud I and (AAF-3) Gisele (de VAUDEMONT) OF BAR-LE-DUC, who was born between 1110 and 1130[1], and died about 1210[1]. [5]
+5i.COUNT ALBERIC II5 OF DAMMARTIN, b. about 1148; d. on 19 Sept. 1200[1] in London, England, United Kingdom[1]; m. before 1180 (KW-5) MATILDA (OF CLERMONT) DE LUZARCHES, b. between 1140 and 1160[1], d. about 1240[1], daughter of (KW-4) Renaud II and (AKV-5) Clemence (of BAR-LE-DUC) OF CLERMONT.

Generation Five

5. COUNT ALBERIC II5 OF DAMMARTIN (Alberic I de DAMMARTIN4, Hugues II3, Hugues I2, Manasses1), son of (4) Count Alberic I4 and (AKV-5) Clemence (of BAR-LE-DUC) (OF CLERMONT), was born about 1148, and died on 19 Sept. 1200[1] in London[1]. He married before 1180, (KW-5) MATILDA (OF CLERMONT) DE LUZARCHES, daughter of (KW-4) Renaud II and (AKV-5) Clemence (of BAR-LE-DUC) OF CLERMONT, who was born between 1140 and 1160[1], and died about 1240[1]. [1, 2, 3, 6, 7]
There is much discussion and disagreement about this line. Dammartin ancestry very uncertain, and uncertain whether Alberic is I or II. The best discussion, with evidences, in Gen. Mag. XV 53-63, XXI 94.[3]
Turton shows Clemence as marrying both Renaud II of Clermont and Alberic II of Dammartin.
However, Weis shows her as marrying Lancelin I of Dammartin (no issue), Renaud II of Clermont, and Thubaut III of Nanteuil-le-Handouin, so the marriage to Alberic is probably incorrect.
+AAV-2i.JULIANE2 DE DAMMARTIN, b. about 1165; d. about 1250; m. (SQ-7) HUGHES V DE GOURNAY, b. about 1163, d. about 1226[4], son of (SQ-5) Hugh IV and (MC-6) Melesinde (de COUCY) DE GOURNAY.
+AAV-3ii.AGNES DE DAMMARTIN, b. about 1166 in Buckinghamshire, England; d. about 1250; m. (QD-3) WILLIAM DE FIENNES, b. in Buckinghamshire about 1160, d. about 1240, son of (QD-2) Ingelram and (GK-13) Sibyl (de BOULOGNE) DE FIENNES.
+AAV-4iii.SIMON DE DAMMARTIN of Barcelona, Spain, b. about 1180 of Barcelona; d. in 1239 in Castile, Spain; m. about 1212 in Aumale, Seine-Maritime, France (ADT-18) COUNTESS MARIE OF PONTHIEU of Aumale, b. of Aumale about 1186, d. in Spain in 1251, daughter of (ADT-17) William III and (U-38) Alix (of FRANCE), Countess of Vexin PONTHIEU.

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