Section AUM: Descendants of Hugh Woodward

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Generation One

1. HUGH1 WOODWARD was born between 1420 and 1531, and died between 1531 and 1641. [17]
+2i.RALPH2 WOODWARD of Shavington, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom, b. about 1517 of Shavington[17]; d. about 1590; m. about 1555[17] (ADJ-4) JANE MOLINEUX of Hawksley, Lancashire, England, daughter of (ADJ-3) Richard and (AFY-2) Catherine (ORRELL) MOLYNEUX.

Generation Two

2. RALPH2 WOODWARD (Hugh1) of Shavington, son of (1) Hugh1 WOODWARD, was born between 1470/1 and 1517, and died between 1545 and 1627. He married about 1555[17], (ADJ-4) JANE MOLINEUX of Hawksley, daughter of (ADJ-3) Richard and (AFY-2) Catherine (ORRELL) MOLYNEUX. [17]
+3i.HUGH3 WOODWARD of Shevington, Lancashire, b. in 1531[23] of Shevington[23]; d. about 1600 in Standish, Lancashire[23]; m. on 29 Jan. 1560 in Standish JANE HAWETT of Standish, b. of Standish about 1539, d. in Standish on 21 Nov. 1605.

Generation Three

3. HUGH3 WOODWARD (Ralph2, Hugh1) of Shevington, son of (2) Ralph2 and (ADJ-4) Jane (MOLINEUX) WOODWARD, was born in 1531[23] of Shevington[23], and died between 1566 and 1641 in Standish[23]. He married in Standish, on 29 Jan. 1560, JANE HAWETT of Standish, who was born about 1539 of Standish, and died on 21 Nov. 1605 in Standish. [21, 23]
+4i.THOMAS4 WOODWARD of All Saints, Childwell, Lancashire, b. in 1567 of All Saints; d. about 1640; m. (1) on 23 May 1592[18, 21] in Childwell[18, 21] ELIZABETH TYREN, b. in Childwell[23] in 1571[23]; m. (2) in 1606[18] in Childwall, Lancashire[18] ELLONA NOIS; m. (3) in Feb. 1609[18] in Childwall[18] JANE PEROT.

Generation Four

4. THOMAS4 WOODWARD (Hugh3, Ralph2, Hugh1) of All Saints, son of (3) Hugh3 and Jane (HAWETT) WOODWARD, was born in 1567 of All Saints, and died between Feb. 1609 and 1677. He married (1st) in Childwell[18, 21], on 23 May 1592[18, 21], ELIZABETH TYREN, who was born in 1571[23] in Childwell[23]. He married (2nd) in Childwall[18], in 1606[18], ELLONA NOIS. He married (3rd) in Childwall[18], in Feb. 1609[18], JANE PEROT. [23]
Children of: Thomas4 WOODWARD and Elizabeth TYREN:
5i.JOHN5 WOODWARD, bp. on 10 April 1594[18, 21] in Childwell[18, 21]; d. about 1670.
6ii.WILLIAM WOODWARD, bp. on 24 April 1595[18] in Childwall[18]; d. about 1650.
7iii.MARIA WOODWARD, bp. on 1 April 1599[18] in Childwall[18]; d. about 1650.
8iv.JANE WOODWARD, bp. on 3 Sept. 1601[18] in Childwall[18]; d. about 1650.

Child of: Thomas4 WOODWARD and Ellona NOIS:
+9i.DR. HENRY5 WOODWARD, bp. on 22 March 1607[18, 21] in Childwell[18, 21]; d. on 7 April 1683[3, 9] in Northampton, Hampden Co., Massachusetts, United States[2, 21]; m. on 4 Sept. 1639[21] in Dorchester, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts[21] (ABX-14) ELIZABETH MATHER, d. on 13 Aug. 1690[11, 21], daughter of (ABX-3) Thomas and Margaret (ABRAMS) MATHER.

Generation Five

9. DR. HENRY5 WOODWARD (Thomas4, Hugh3, Ralph2, Hugh1), son of (4) Thomas4 and Ellona (NOIS) WOODWARD, was christened on 22 March 1607[18, 21] in Childwell[18, 21], and died on 7 April 1683[3, 9] in Northampton[2, 21]. He married in Dorchester[21], on 4 Sept. 1639[21], (ABX-14) ELIZABETH MATHER, daughter of (ABX-3) Thomas and Margaret (ABRAMS) MATHER, who died on 13 Aug. 1690[11, 21]. [2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 18, 19, 20, 21]
"The maiden name of Elizabeth, wife of Henry Woodward, is unknown. Henry was probably unmarried when he came to Dorchester, as he arrived in 1635 and his first child was baptized in 1642. His name stands alone when he joined the Dorchester Church and it was the custom for the wife’s name to appear on such records opposite to that of her husband. No Elizabeth Woodward is recorded as of the church, and yet Henry’s wife must have been a member when her children were baptised. When Henry’s name first appears (before 1639) there were also recorded the names of Elizabeth Williams and Elizabeth Farnham, and it is possible that he married one of these women. One also finds the name of Elizabeth Cunliffe, daughter of that Henry Cunliffe who afterwards went with Henry Woodward to Northampton, and it may well be that she is the Elizabeth in question. All these women being church members would not be again entered under their married names. Henry Cunliffe’s will admitted to probate in Northampton in 1689 throws no light on this subject, as he left all his property to his wife and mentions no children."[10]
1659 Came to Northampton from Dorchester
1663 appt. quartermaster of the "Troop", the 1st unit of cavalry in the valley,
and is also said to have practised medicine. Accidentally killed at the upper
corn-mill in 1685. He kept the inn, 1665-1681, near where Smith College Hall
of Music now stands.
From England in the "James," Capt. Taylor, 1635; Dorchester, 1639; Nhn., 1659, where he was one of the founders of the church; killed by lightning.[3]
IGI: 4 Sep 1638 Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts
4 Sep 1639 Northumberland, Hampshire, Massachusetts
"Franklin D. Roosevelt's Colonial Ancestors", Alvin Page Johnson,
MSU Library, p. 152. (FDR through dau. Experience m. Medad Pomeroy)
"A deed from Henry Woodward of Dorchester, husbandman, to William Sumner, of 8 acres of land, in Dorchester. Consideration £14. Witnessed by Roger Clap, Hopestill Foster, William Blake. Acknowledged by Henry Woodward & Elizabeth, his wife, before Humphrey Atherton, 14 (9) 1659."[5]
"HENRY, Dorchester 1639, came, says Clapp, in his careful Hist. of Dorchester, p. 141, in the James, Capt. Taylor, in the summer of 1635, with Richard Mather, and he calls him a physician. He had there, Experience; Freedom, bapt. 1642; Thankful; and John; rem. 1659 to Northampton, with those ch. and the mo. Eliz. there was one of the founders of the first ch. and had been an early mem. at D. He was k. by accid. at the grist-mill, 7 Apr. 1685; and next mo. the wid. made her will, tho. she d. not bef. 13 Aug. 1690. Of her s. she says "has been a dutif. and well carriaged s. to me all my life." Experience m. 21 Nov. 1661, Medad Pomeroy; Freedom m. 18 Nov. 1662, Jedediah Strong; and Thankful m. 18 Dec. 1662, John Taylor; all of Northampton."[2]
10i.FREEDOM6 WOODWARD, bp. in July 1642[12, 21] in Dorchester[12, 21]; d. on 17 May 1681[13] in Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts[13]; m. on 18 Nov. 1662[2, 13, 21] in Dorchester[2, 13, 21] JEDEDIAH STRONG, b. in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut, United States[21] about 1657[21], d. in Coventry, Tolland Co., Connecticut[21] on 22 May 1753[21].
11ii.EXPERIENCE WOODWARD, bp. on 10 Nov. 1643[12, 22] in Dorchester[12, 22]; d. on 8 June 1686[14] in Northampton, Hampshire Co.[14]; m. on 21 Nov. 1661[2, 14, 22] in Dorchester[2, 14, 22] MEDAD POMEROY, chr. in Windsor[22] on 19 Aug. 1638[22], d. in Northampton, Hampshire Co.[22] on 30 Dec. 1716[22].
+12iii.THANKFUL WOODWARD, bp. on 9 June 1646[12] in Dorchester[12]; d. about 1740[15] in Norwalk, Fairfield Co., Connecticut[23]; m. on 18 Dec. 1662[1, 3, 4] in Northampton, Hampshire Co.[1, 3, 4] (AOO-2) CAPT. JOHN TAYLOR of Northampton, Hampshire Co., b. of Northampton, Hampshire Co.[4] about 1640[4], d. on 13 May 1704[1, 4, 15], son of (AOO-1) John and (APB-2) Rhoda (TINKER) (HOBBS) TAYLOR.
13iv.JOHN WOODWARD of Dorchester, b. on 28 March 1649[23] of Dorchester[23]; d. on 5 Oct. 1724[16] in Lebanon, New London Co., Connecticut[16]; m. (1) on 18 May 1671[7, 16] ANNA DEWEY of Westfield, Hampden Co., d. on 14 Jan. 1707[16]; m. (2) DEBORAH _____, d. on 2 Oct. 1724[16].

Generation Six

12. THANKFUL6 WOODWARD (Henry5, Thomas4, Hugh3, Ralph2, Hugh1), daughter of (9) Dr. Henry5 and (ABX-14) Elizabeth (MATHER), was christened on 9 June 1646[12] in Dorchester[12], and died between 1724 and 1756[15] in Norwalk[23]. She married in Northampton, Hampshire Co.[1, 3, 4], on 18 Dec. 1662[1, 3, 4], (AOO-2) CAPT. JOHN TAYLOR of Northampton, Hampshire Co., son of (AOO-1) John and (APB-2) Rhoda (TINKER) (HOBBS) TAYLOR, who was born about 1640[4] of Northampton, Hampshire Co.[4], and died on 13 May 1704[1, 4, 15]. [12, 15, 23]
Children: See (AOO-2) Capt. John TAYLOR

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