Section ZT: Descendants of Sir Thomas Littleton

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Generation One

1. SIR THOMAS1 LITTLETON was born in 1421 in Frankley, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom, and was buried in Worcester Cathed, Frankley. He married in Aug. 1445, JOAN BURLEY of Bromcroft, Shropshire, England, who was born about 1425 of Bromcroft, and died on 22 March 1505. [6]
This generation comes from the Ancestral File and so is unreliable.
+2i.WILLIAM2 LYTTELTON, KNT. of Frankley, b. about 1460[2] of Frankley[3]; d. about 1540 in Frankley[6]; m. in 1498 in England (ATL-2) MARY WHITTINGTON, b. in England in 1477[2], daughter of (ATL-1) William and Elizabeth (ARUNDEL) WHITTINGTON.

Generation Two

2. WILLIAM2 LYTTELTON, KNT. (Thomas1) of Frankley, son of (1) Sir Thomas1 and Joan (BURLEY), was born about 1460[2] of Frankley[3], died between 1498 and 1580 in Frankley[6] and was buried in Monastery of Hol[6]. He married in England, in 1498, (ATL-2) MARY WHITTINGTON, daughter of (ATL-1) William and Elizabeth (ARUNDEL) WHITTINGTON, who was born in 1477[2] in England. [2, 3, 6]
+3i.JOHN3 LYTTELTON, ESQ. of Frankley, b. about 1499[2, 3] of Frankley[3]; d. on 17 May 1532[3]; m. in 1521 in Warwick, England (AOI-11) ELIZABETH TALBOT, b. in Grafton, Warwick, Worcestershire in 1502, d. between 1 Jan. 1516 and 19 Oct. 1542[3], daughter of (AOI-10) Gilbert, Knt. and (AGK-4) Anne (PASTON).

Generation Three

3. JOHN3 LYTTELTON, ESQ. (William2, Thomas1) of Frankley, son of (2) William2, Knt. and (ATL-2) Mary (WHITTINGTON), was born between 1490/1 and 1507[2, 3] of Frankley[3], and died on 17 May 1532[3]. He married in Warwick, England, in 1521, (AOI-11) ELIZABETH TALBOT, daughter of (AOI-10) Gilbert, Knt. and (AGK-4) Anne (PASTON), who was born in 1502 in Grafton, Warwick, Worcestershire, and died between 1 Jan. 1516 and 19 Oct. 1542[3]. [2, 3, 5]
+4i.ROGER4 LYTTELTON, ESQ. of Groveley, Worcestershire, b. about 1525[2] of Groveley[3]; d. between 1 Jan. and 11 Jan. 1589[3]; m. (ANH-34) ELIZABETH STANLEY, b. in West Bromwich, Staff, England about 1513, daughter of (ANH-31) John and (RH-2) Cecily (FREEBODY) STANLEY.

Generation Four

4. ROGER4 LYTTELTON, ESQ. (John3, William2, Thomas1) of Groveley, son of (3) John3, Esq. and (AOI-11) Elizabeth (TALBOT), was born between 1515/6 and 1533[2] of Groveley[3], and died between 1529 and 11 Jan. 1589[3]. He married (ANH-34) ELIZABETH STANLEY, daughter of (ANH-31) John and (RH-2) Cecily (FREEBODY) STANLEY, who was born about 1513 in West Bromwich, Staff, England. [2, 3, 4]
+5i.BRIDGET5 LYTTELTON, b. about 1537 in Groveley, Worcester, England; d. about 1640[3]; m. (XA-2) HENRY JAMES of Farfield Court, Worcestershire, b. of Farfield Court[3] about 1545[1], bur. on 17 MAR 1585/6[3] in Belbroughton, Worcestershire[3], son of (XA-1) Edmond and (AIS-2) Anne (RAMSAY) JAMES.

Generation Five

5. BRIDGET5 LYTTELTON (Roger4, John3, William2, Thomas1), daughter of (4) Roger4, Esq. and (ANH-34) Elizabeth (STANLEY), was born between 1528/9 and 1547 in Groveley, Worcester, England, and died between 1622 and 1657[3]. She married in Kenilworth, Wrwcks, England, (XA-2) HENRY JAMES of Farfield Court, son of (XA-1) Edmond and (AIS-2) Anne (RAMSAY) JAMES, who was born about 1545[1] of Farfield Court[3], was buried on 17 MAR 1585/6[3] in Belbroughton[3]. [3, 6]
Child: See (XA-2) Henry JAMES

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