Section AKW: Descendants of Adam Fred Schad

David Thaler
18043 NE 132nd St, Redmond WA 98052
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Generation One

1. ADAM FRED1 SCHAD was born between 1851 and 1874, and died between 1910 and 1984. He married in Caledonia, Kent Co., Michigan, United States[2], on 22 Feb. 1888[2], (NF-113) LOTTA LOVINA THALER, daughter of (NF-67) Joseph and (AQV-19) Lucy (VAUGHN) THALER, who was born on 11 Nov. 1868[1] in Leighton Twp., Allegan Co., Michigan, and died on 22 May 1933[1] in Wayland, Allegan Co.[3].
2i.WINNIE2 SCHAD, b. on 24 April 1889; d. on 3 Dec. 1958.
3ii.J. C. SCHAD, b. on 20 Sept. 1890; d. about 1950.
4iii.WEBSTER SCHAD, b. on 9 April 1893; d. on 19 Jan. 1950.
5iv.ROSCOE SCHAD, b. on 5 Nov. 1895; d. about 1950.
6v.RENA SCHAD, b. on 6 June 1902; d. about 1950.
7vi.DELOS SCHAD, b. on 16 Aug. 1904; d. about 1950.
8vii.LLOYD SCHAD, b. on 13 Dec. 1908; d. on 16 March 1909.
9viii.CRYSTAL SCHAD, b. on 17 Jan. 1911; d. about 1950.

1. Vaughn Family Bible, The Holy Bible (New York: American Bible Society, 1848); privately held by David Thaler, Lowell MI 49331. Provenance page reads: "Presented to Miss Lucy Vaughn by her granmother Betsy Vaughn. Miss Lucy Vaughn, Trumbull Ohio, 1861. Presented to David G. Thaler by his mother Mrs. Lucy Thaler, Moline Michigan, August 1919. Presented to Orion J. Thaler by the David Thaler estate, 1962. When I am dead and out of mind In this Book my name you find And when my name you plainly see You cannot help remembering me 1861"
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