Section VE: Descendants of Richard Hoare

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Generation One

1. RICHARD1 HOARE of Leckhampton, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom was born about 1508 of Leckhampton, and died between 1533 and 1628. He married in 1533, ELLEN _____, who was born about 1512.
+2i.THOMAS2 HOARE of Leckhampton, b. about 1534 of Leckhampton; d. about 1610; m. in 1558 in Hennock, Devonshire, England MARGARET _____ of Gloucester, Gloucestershire, b. of Gloucester about 1537.

Generation Two

2. THOMAS2 HOARE (Richard1) of Leckhampton, son of (1) Richard1 and Ellen (_____) HOARE, was born about 1534 of Leckhampton, and died between 1558 and 1654. He married in Hennock, in 1558, MARGARET _____ of Gloucester, who was born about 1537 of Gloucester.
+3i.CHARLES3 HOARE of Gloucester, b. about 1555 of Gloucester; d. between 1 Jan. and 29 May 1632; m. MARGERY _____, b. in England about 1568.

Generation Three

3. CHARLES3 HOARE (Thomas2, Richard1) of Gloucester, son of (2) Thomas2 and Margaret (_____) HOARE, was born about 1555 of Gloucester, and died between 1 Jan. and 29 May 1632. He married MARGERY _____, who was born about 1568 in England.
+4i.a daughter HOARE, b. about 1573 in Gloucester; d. about 1650; m. (AOM-1) LEONARD TARNE of Gloucester, b. of Gloucester about 1569.

Generation Four

4. _____ HOARE (Charles3, Thomas2, Richard1), daughter of (3) Charles3 and Margery (_____) HOARE, was born between 1571/2 and 1583 in Gloucester, and died between 1601 and 1693. She married (AOM-1) LEONARD TARNE of Gloucester, who was born about 1569 of Gloucester.
Child: See (AOM-1) Leonard TARNE