Section HL: Descendants of Peter Brown

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Generation One

1. PETER1 BROWN was born between 1523 and 1552 in Inkberrow, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom, and died on 14 April 1633. He married in 1624, MARTHA FORD, who was born about 1568 in Lynn, Essex Co., Massachusetts, United States, and died about 1629. She married (2nd) WILLIAM FORD, who was born about 1562 in Inkberrow.
+HM-13i.EDWARD3 BROWNE, b. on 9 Sept. 1566[2, 5] in Inkberrow[1]; d. on 24 Jan. 1649[3] in Inkberrow[3]; m. (ZN-2) JANE LIDE, b. in Inkberrow[4] about 1578[4], d. in Inkberrow[4] about 1650, daughter of (ZN-1) Thomas and Jane (GIBBS) LIDE.
2ii.MARY BROWN, b. about 1588 in Inkberrow; d. about 1670; m. EPHRAIM TENKERHEM, b. in Inkberrow about 1584.
3iii.PRICILLA BROWN, b. about 1590 in Inkberrow; d. about 1680; m. on 21 April 1649 WILLIAM ALLEN, b. in Inkberrow about 1586.

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