Section TD: Descendants of Albert Greslei

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Generation One

1. ALBERT1 GRESLEI of Blackburne, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom has an unknown birthdate. [1]
+2i.ROBERT2 GRESLEI, b. about 1050; d. about 1150/1.

Generation Two

2. ROBERT2 GRESLEI (Albert1), son of (1) Albert1 GRESLEI, was born between 977/8 and 1120, and died between 1037/8 and 1230. [1]
+3i.ALBERT3 GRESLEI, BARON OF MANCHESTER, b. before 1134[1]; d. about 1200[1]; m. (AA-3) AGNES _____, daughter of (AA-2) William, 2nd Baron of Halton.

Generation Three

3. ALBERT3 GRESLEI, BARON OF MANCHESTER (Robert2, Albert1), son of (2) Robert2 GRESLEI, was born before 1134[1], and died between 1148 and 1244[1]. He married (AA-3) AGNES _____, daughter of (AA-2) William, 2nd Baron of Halton. [1, 2]
+4i.EMMA4 GRESLEI, b. about 1150; d. about 1200; m. about 1170[3] (A-2) ORME FITZ-AILWARD of Ormskirk, Lancashire, son of (A-1) Ailward _____.
5ii.ALBERT GRESLEI, BARON OF MANCHESTER, b. about 1100/1; d. about 1150[2].

Generation Four

4. EMMA4 GRESLEI (Albert3, Robert2, Albert1), daughter of (3) Albert3, Baron of Manchester and (AA-3) Agnes (_____), was born between 1051/2 and 1166, and died between 1160 and 1276. She married about 1170[3], (A-2) ORME FITZ-AILWARD of Ormskirk, son of (A-1) Ailward _____. [2]
Child: See (A-2) Orme FITZ-AILWARD

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