Section TK: Descendants of Hans Jerg Grieb

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Generation One

1. HANS JERG1 GRIEB was born about 1681, and died between 1711 and 1801. He married in Vaihingen Enz, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany, on 23 Nov. 1706, (UR-2) CATHARINA HENCKE, daughter of (UR-1) Georg and Agnes (ELSAESSER) HENCKE, who was born about 1693, and was christened on 13 March 1684 in Vaihingen Fildern, Neckarkreis.
+2i.MARIA CATHARINA2 GRIEB, b. on 28 May 1712 in Vaihingen Fildern; d. about 1790; m. on 11 Nov. 1738 in Vaihingen Fildern (NF-9) GEORG ADAM DAHLER, b. in Vaihingen Fildern on 31 Dec. 1713, son of (NF-2) Johann Adam and (OC-14) Esther (DICK) DAHLER.

Generation Two

2. MARIA CATHARINA2 GRIEB (Hans Jerg1), daughter of (1) Hans Jerg1 and (UR-2) Catharina (HENCKE) GRIEB, was born on 28 May 1712 in Vaihingen Fildern, and died between 13 Aug. 1750 and 1822. She married in Vaihingen Fildern, on 11 Nov. 1738, (NF-9) GEORG ADAM DAHLER, son of (NF-2) Johann Adam and (OC-14) Esther (DICK) DAHLER, who was born on 31 Dec. 1713 in Vaihingen Fildern, and was christened on 12 Feb. 1714 in Vaihingen Fildern.
Children: See (NF-9) Georg Adam DAHLER