Section SN: Descendants of Zachary Goodyear

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Generation One

1. ZACHARY1 GOODYEAR was born between 1539 and 1582, and was buried on 26 July 1613[8] in St. Gregory's, London, England, United Kingdom[8]. He married in London, London, England[19], on 5 July 1596[19], (ED-10) SUSANNA BAXTER, daughter of (ED-1) William and Margaret (BUTLER) BAXTER, who was born about 1575, and was christened on 22 April 1575[9] in St. Mary Bothaw, London, England[9]. [7, 8, 12, 14, 19]
"Zacharye Goodyeare, citizen and vintner of London, 18 July 1613, proved 31
July 1613. To be buried in the parish church of St. Gregory near Paul's in
London. To my loving mother ten pounds. To my cousin Mary Storye five pounds.
The residue to my son Stephen Goodyere whom I make executor. I make, nominate
and ordain my brothers John Partridge, scrivener, and Ralph Bowlton, merchant
tailor, citizens of London, overseers.
+2i.STEPHEN2 GOODYEAR, DEPUTY-GOVERNOR OF NEW HAVEN COLONY, bp. on 26 Nov. 1598[8] in St. Gregory's, London, England[8]; d. about March 1658 in London, London, England; m. (1) MARY _____ of London, London, England, b. of London, London, England about 1603, d. at sea[14, 20] in 1646[14, 20]; m. (2) MARGARET LEWEN.
3ii.JOHN GOODYEAR, bp. on 26 Dec. 1599[8] in St. Gregory's, London, England[8]; d. about 1650.

Generation Two

2. STEPHEN2 GOODYEAR, DEPUTY-GOVERNOR OF NEW HAVEN COLONY (Zachary1), son of (1) Zachary1 and (ED-10) Susanna (BAXTER) GOODYEAR, was christened on 26 Nov. 1598[8] in St. Gregory's, London, England[8], died between 1 Jan. 1658 and 7 May 1658 in London, London, England and was buried on 7 May 1658[24] in St. Martin Ludgate, London, Middlesex, England[24]. He married (1st) MARY _____ of London, London, England, who was born about 1603 of London, London, England, and died in 1646[14, 20] at sea[14, 20]. He married (2nd) MARGARET LEWEN. [3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 24]
Deputy Governor and Commissioner for United Colonies.
Register of St. Gregory's:
"Stephen, Sonne of Zachary Goodyere, 26. Nov. 1598."[6]
26 January 1640. On the petition of Stephen Goodyeare, merchant, and Richard Russell, master of the "St. John" of London, an order is made to allow the ship to carry goods and passengers to New England after the oaths have been taken at Gravesend.[16]
2 April - 22 May 1640. Thomas Middleton, John Crane, Phillip le Cocke, James Simkin, William Willowly, Steven Goodyer, John Parker, William Ryder, Robert Hanton, William Tristram, John Hobson, Daniell Butler, William Harris, Thomas Deacon, Joshua Foote, Hugh Norris, Avery Dighton, John Hatly, Mathew Cradock, William Raisborow, Richard Perry, Abraham Toppam, John Coachman, John Bile, William Ward, John Jurion [Juram], Henry Skerner, Richard Holder, Richard Higgons, Timothy Langley, Steven Goodiard [Goodyeare] and James Linsey shippers of goods on the "[St.] John", Mr. Thomas Middleton [Richard Russell after 12 May] bound from London to New England carrying planters and passengers.[17]
Before coming to America he resided on St. Street in London. Owner of the ship St. John which was liscensed to take 250 passengers to New England. Stephen was lost at sea while returning to England 1658.[3]
Children of: Stephen2 GOODYEAR, Deputy-Governor of New Haven Colony and Mary _____:
4i.REBECCA3 GOODYEAR, b. about 1626[20] in London, London, England[20]; d. about 1660[21]; m. REV. JOHN BISHOP.
5ii.STEPHEN GOODYEAR, b. about 1627[20] in London, London, England[20]; d. about 1627; bur. on 25 FEB 1627/8[20].
6iii.MARY GOODYEAR, bp. on 22 JAN 1629/30[20] in London, London, England[20]; d. about 1700; m. about 1649[22] CAPT. THOMAS LAKE, b. about 1615[22], d. in Arrowsic, Maine, United States[22] on 14 Aug. 1676[22].
7iv.STEPHEN GOODYEAR, bp. on 2 June 1631[20] in London, London, England[20]; d. about 1635[20].
8v.THOMAS GOODYEAR, bp. on 3 JAN 1632/3[21] in London, London, England[21]; d. about 1700.
Died young
9vi.ANDREW GOODYEAR, bp. on 3 April 1634[21] in London, London, England[21]; d. about Aug. 1635; bur. on 8 Sept. 1635[21].
+10vii.HANNAH GOODYEAR, b. about 1637[21] in London, London, England[21]; d. in 1721[3] in Fairfield, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, United States[3]; m. (1) on 29 Oct. 1656[2, 14] in New Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut[2, 14] (ASA-54) REV. SAMUEL WAKEMAN, chr. in Bewdley, Ribbesford Parish, Worcestershire, England[2, 10] on 7 June 1635[2, 10], d. in Fairfield[2] on 8 March 1691[2], son of (ASA-44) Capt. John and (VN-2) Elizabeth (HOPKINS); m. (2) between 1692 and 1721[15] (IO-5) NATHANIEL BURR, b. in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts, United States[15] about 1635[15], d. in Fairfield[1] on 26 Feb. 1712[1], son of (IO-1) Jehue and _____ (STEDMAN) BURR.
11viii.SARAH GOODYEAR, bp. on 12 Nov. 1639[21] in London, London, England[21]; d. about 13 Nov. 1639; bur. on 14 Nov. 1639[21].
12ix.STEPHEN GOODYEAR, bp. in Aug. 1641[21] in New Haven[21]; d. about 1700.
13x.LYDIA GOODYEAR, bp. in June 1645[21] in New Haven[21]; d. on 29 Sept. 1700[23] in Boston, Suffolk Co.[23]; m. about 1667[23] JOHN WATTS.

Children of: Stephen2 GOODYEAR, Deputy-Governor of New Haven Colony and Margaret Lewen:
14i.ANDREW3 GOODYEAR, bp. on 8 April 1649[21] in New Haven[21]; d. about 1700.
15ii.JOHN GOODYEAR, b. on 8 March 1651[21] in New Haven[21]; d. about 1702[21].
16iii.ESTHER GOODYEAR, b. on 12 May 1654[21] in New Haven[21]; d. on 9 Feb. 1691[21].

Generation Three

10. HANNAH3 GOODYEAR (Stephen2, Zachary1), daughter of (2) Stephen2, Deputy-Governor of New Haven Colony and Mary (_____), was born between 1616/7 and 1642[21] in London, London, England[21], and died in 1721[3] in Fairfield[3]. She married (1st) in New Haven[2, 14], on 29 Oct. 1656[2, 14], (ASA-54) REV. SAMUEL WAKEMAN, son of (ASA-44) Capt. John and (VN-2) Elizabeth (HOPKINS), who was christened on 7 June 1635[2, 10] in Bewdley[2, 10], and died on 8 March 1691[2] in Fairfield[2]. She married (2nd) between 1692 and 1721[15], (IO-5) NATHANIEL BURR, son of (IO-1) Jehue and _____ (STEDMAN) BURR, who was born about 1635[15] in Roxbury[15], and died on 26 Feb. 1712[1] in Fairfield[1]. [2, 3, 4, 5, 11, 14, 21]
Children of: Hannah3 GOODYEAR and Rev. Samuel WAKEMAN: See (ASA-54) Rev. Samuel WAKEMAN

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