Section ASH: Descendants of John Waller

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Generation One

1. JOHN1 WALLER was born about 1415, and died between 1429 and 1535.
+2i.GEORGE2 WALLER of Wortham, b. about 1440 of Wortham; d. about 1500; m. (AUT-2) MARY YAXLEY, b. about 1440, daughter of (AUT-1) Anthony YAXLEY.

Generation Two

2. GEORGE2 WALLER (John1) of Wortham, son of (1) John1 WALLER, was born about 1440 of Wortham, and died between 1451 and 1560. He married (AUT-2) MARY YAXLEY, daughter of (AUT-1) Anthony YAXLEY, who was born about 1440.
+3i.JOHN3 WALLER of Wortham, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom, b. about 1462 of Wortham, Suffolk; d. about 1530 in Wortham, Suffolk; m. about 1494 in Wortham, Suffolk MARGARET THOROLDE, b. in Suffolk about 1465.

Generation Three

3. JOHN3 WALLER (George2, John1) of Wortham, Suffolk, son of (2) George2 and (AUT-2) Mary (YAXLEY) WALLER, was born about 1462 of Wortham, Suffolk, died between 1484 and 1582 in Wortham, Suffolk and was buried in Wortham, Suffolk. He married in Wortham, Suffolk, about 1494, MARGARET THOROLDE, who was born about 1465 in Suffolk. [2, 4]
+4i.JANE4 WALLER Of Wartham, Suffolk, b. about 1495 Of Wartham; d. about 1580 in Yaxley, Suffolk; m. (1) in 1512 in Suffolk (ALR-7) THOMAS SHERMAN, OF YAXLEY, d. in Yaxley[1] about 1569[1], son of (ALR-4) John and (RM-2) Agnes (FULLER) SHERMAN; m. (2) about 1552 in Norfolk Co., England WILLIAM GARDNER, b. in England about 1495, d. in England about 1580.

Generation Four

4. JANE4 WALLER (John3, George2, John1) Of Wartham, daughter of (3) John3 and Margaret (THOROLDE) WALLER, was born between 1498 and 1533 Of Wartham, died about 1580 in Yaxley and was buried in 1572 in Norfolk, England. She married (1st) in Suffolk, in 1512, (ALR-7) THOMAS SHERMAN, OF YAXLEY, son of (ALR-4) John and (RM-2) Agnes (FULLER) SHERMAN, who died about 1569[1] in Yaxley[1]. She married (2nd) in Norfolk Co., about 1552, WILLIAM GARDNER, who was born about 1495 in England, died about 1580 in England, and was buried in England. [2, 3, 4]
Children of: Jane4 WALLER and Thomas SHERMAN, of Yaxley: See (ALR-7) Thomas SHERMAN, of Yaxley

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