Section LI: Descendants of John Comstock

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Generation One

1. JOHN1 COMSTOCK was born between 17 and 1618 in England, United Kingdom, and died between 31 and 20 Sept. 1680[2] in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut, United States[2]. He married before April 1662[2], (JW-5) ABIGAIL CHAPPELL, daughter of (JW-2) George and Christian (_____) CHAPPELL, who was born on 1 Sept. 1644[1, 2] in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut[1, 2], and died about 908[4] in New London, New London Co.[4]. [2]
2i.ABIGAIL2 COMSTOCK, b. on 12 April 1662[2] in Lyme[2]; d. about 1700; m. WILLIAM PEAKE OR PIKE.
3ii.ELIZABETH COMSTOCK, b. on 9 June 1665[2] in Lyme[2]; d. about 1692; m. JOSEPH MINER.
4iii.WILLIAM COMSTOCK, b. on 9 Jan. 1669[2] in Lyme[2]; d. on 15 March 1728; m. NAOMI NOYES.
5iv.CHRISTIAN COMSTOCK, b. on 11 Dec. 1671[2] in Lyme[2]; d. about 1750; m. ROBERT MENTOR.
6v.HANNAH COMSTOCK, b. on 22 Feb. 1673[2] in Lyme[2]; d. about 1750; m. BACUS GILLIARD.
7vi.JOHN COMSTOCK, b. in 31[2] in Lyme[2]; d. about 944; m. MARY ELIZABETH COLT.
8vii.SAMUEL COMSTOCK, b. on 6 July 1678[3] in Lyme[3]; d. about 1743 prob. Saybrook, Old Saybrook, Middlesex Co., Connecticut; m. on 5 July 1705 (AHY-2) MARTHA PRATT, b. in Saybrook on 16 June 1679, bur. prob. Saybrook, daughter of (AHY-1) John and Mary (ANDREWS) PRATT.

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