Section HK: Descendants of John Brown

David Thaler
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Generation One

1. JOHN1 BROWN was born in 1629 in Providence Co., Rhode Island, United States, and died in 1706 in Providence, Providence Co. He married in 1654, (VW-9) MARY HOLMES, daughter of (VW-6) Obadiah and Katherine (HYDE) HOLMES, who was born about 1635 in Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, and died about 1720.
2i.MARY2 BROWN, b. about 1655 in Providence; d. on 13 Sept. 1726.
This individual has the following other parents in the Ancestral File:
John /BROWN/ (AFN:8Q8D-WW) and Mary /HOLMES/ (AFN:8Q8D-X3)
3ii.SARAH BROWN, b. about 1657 in Providence; d. about 1730.
4iii.JOHN BROWN, b. on 18 May 1662 in Providence; d. on 19 Sept. 1719.
5iv.MARTHA BROWN, b. about 1664 in Providence; d. about 1700.
6v.JAMES BROWN, b. in 1666 in Providence; d. in 1732.
7vi.OBADIAH BROWN, b. about 1668 in Providence; d. on 24 Aug. 1716.
8vii.DEBORAH BROWN, b. about 1670 in Providence; d. about 1750.