Section UD: Descendants of Sir John Hamley

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Generation One

1. SIR JOHN1 HAMLEY has an unknown birthdate. [1]
Correspondence from Roger Churm of Luton, England indicates that further information about this family can be found in Lake's "Parochial History of the County of Cornwall", Vol 11 [1868].
2i.MARY2 HAMLEY, b. about 1400; d. about 1500; m. (IZ-13) RICHARD CHAMPERNOUN of Inworthy, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom, d. on 26 May 1488, son of (IZ-12) Sir John and Margaret (HAMLEY).
"John [Trevillian] married Avis, daughter and heir of Nicholas Cockworthy and Margaret his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs (the first was married to Fortescue, the second to Monk of Potheridge,) of Richard Champernon, of Inswork in the parish of Maker, esq., and of his wife, daughter and heir of Sir John Hamley, knight, and of his wife, daughter and heir of Sir Humphrey Talbit, knight; which Richard Champernon was son and heir of Humphrey, son and heir of Thomas, son and heir of Humphrey and Joan his wife, daughter and heir of Ralph Valletort (Roger Valletort married Joan, daughter and coheir of Reginald, Earl of Cornwall;) and of Joan his wife, [he had no issue by his wife Margaret,] daughter and heir of Edmund, Earl of Cornwall, Lord of Insworth; son of Richard, King of the Romans, second son of John, King of England"

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