Section LM: Descendants of Humphrey Cook alias Carew

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Generation One

1. HUMPHREY1 COOK ALIAS CAREW of Westhorpe, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom was born about 1485[3] of Westhorpe[3], and died between 1545 and 1605[3]. [3]
He was probably a grandson of John Cooke and a great-grandson of Thomas Cooke of Cotton, co. Suffolk, the testator of 1471, but proof of this is lacking.[3]
2i.WILLIAM2 COOK ALIAS CAREW, b. about 1520/1; d. about 1550/1.
Gentleman, held an office in the household of Queen Elizabeth.
+3ii.JOHN COOK ALIAS CAREW of Westhorpe, b. about 1515[3] of Westhorpe[3]; d. about 1590; m. on 8 May 1540[3] in Westhorpe[3] ALICE CARTER, b. about 1519.

Generation Two

3. JOHN2 COOK ALIAS CAREW (Humphrey1) of Westhorpe, son of (1) Humphrey1 COOK ALIAS CAREW, was born about 1515[3] of Westhorpe[3], and died between 8 May 1540 and 1635. He married in Westhorpe[3], on 8 May 1540[3], ALICE CARTER, who was born about 1519. [3, 4]
+4i.KATHERINE3 COOK ALIAS CAREW, bp. on 12 FEB 1540/1[2] in Westhorpe[2]; d. on 27 March 1598 in Finningham, Suffolk; m. on 12 Oct. 1567[1] in Westhorpe[1] (KT-2) JOHN CLARKE of Westhorpe, b. of Westhorpe[1] on 11 Feb. 1541[1], d. in Finningham on 4 April 1598, son of (KT-1) John and Margaret (_____) CLARKE.

Generation Three

4. KATHERINE3 COOK ALIAS CAREW (John2, Humphrey1), daughter of (3) John2 and Alice (CARTER) COOK ALIAS CAREW, was christened on 12 FEB 1540/1[2] in Westhorpe[2], died on 27 March 1598 in Finningham and was buried on 30 March 1598[1] in Finningham[1]. She married in Westhorpe[1], on 12 Oct. 1567[1], (KT-2) JOHN CLARKE of Westhorpe, son of (KT-1) John and Margaret (_____) CLARKE, who was born on 11 Feb. 1541[1] of Westhorpe[1], was christened on 11 Feb. 1541[4], died on 4 April 1598 in Finningham, and was buried in April 1598[1] in Finningham[1]. [1, 2, 4]
Child: See (KT-2) John CLARKE

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