Section AOL: Descendants of Jacques Talemann

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Generation One

1. JACQUES1 TALEMANN was born in 1558 in Schleswig-Holst., Germany, and died between 1585 and 1668. He married ANNA DE LICHE.
+2i.PETER2 TALLMAN, b. in 1586 in Schleswig-Holst.; d. about 1660; m. (AGU-2) MARIA VON PEENE, daughter of (AGU-1) Johann PEENE.

Generation Two

2. PETER2 TALLMAN (Jacques1), son of (1) Jacques1 and Anna (de LICHE) TALEMANN, was born in 1586 in Schleswig-Holst., and died between 1622 and 1696. He married (AGU-2) MARIA VON PEENE, daughter of (AGU-1) Johann PEENE.
+3i.PETER3 TALLMAN, b. in 1623[6] in Hamburg[6]; d. in 1708[6]; m. on 24 July 1665[6] (HC-2) JOAN BRIGGS of Taunton, Bristol Co., Massachusetts, United States, b. of Taunton in 1635, d. about June 1685, daughter of (HC-1) Samuel BRIGGS.

Generation Three

3. PETER3 TALLMAN (Peter2, Jacques1), son of (2) Peter2 and (AGU-2) Maria (Von PEENE) TALLMAN, was born in 1623[6] in Hamburg[6], and died in 1708[6]. He married on 24 July 1665[6], (HC-2) JOAN BRIGGS of Taunton, daughter of (HC-1) Samuel BRIGGS, who was born in 1635 of Taunton, and died about June 1685. [2, 6, 7, 10]
From Durfee family history (Lib. Mich.):
Had a clearance from Newton, Long Island, NY, for the South river "Delaware",
27 Jun 1651.
On the roll of freemen of Newport, RI, 1655.
Was complained of for removing tobacco which had been attached by order of the
court, 25 Jan 1656.
Bought land in Portsmouth, RI, of Robert Morris, 18 Dec 1658.
Bought land of William Wilbur, adjoining that obtained of Morris, 20 Dec 1658.
Solicitor of the colony of Rhode Island, 1661.
Commissioner of Warwick and Portsmouth, 1661-1662.
Member of the General Court, 1662-1665.
Bought land in Portsmouth, 25 Jun 1662.
Sold land to Anthony Emery, 22 Jun 1664.
Divorced from wife Ann, & married second wife Joan Briggs, 1665.
"Tallman Family" shows him as "probably son of Henry".[6]This individual has alternate parents in the database:
(AOK-2) Henry and Anna (_____) (TALLMAN) TALLMAN

+4i.BENJAMIN4 TALLMAN, b. on 28 Jan. 1685[8] in Portsmouth, Newport Co., Rhode Island, United States[9]; d. on 20 May 1759[8, 9] in Warwick, Kent Co., Rhode Island[8, 9]; m. on 23 Sept. 1708 in Portsmouth (OX-8) PATIENCE DURFEE, b. in Portsmouth on 19 June 1690, d. in Portsmouth[9] in 1723[9], daughter of (OX-1) Thomas and (UB-8) Deliverance (HALL) DURFEE.

Generation Four

4. BENJAMIN4 TALLMAN (Peter3, Peter2, Jacques1), son of (3) Peter3 and (HC-2) Joan (BRIGGS) TALLMAN, was born on 28 Jan. 1685[8] in Portsmouth[9], and died on 20 May 1759[8, 9] in Warwick[8, 9]. He married in Portsmouth, on 23 Sept. 1708, (OX-8) PATIENCE DURFEE, daughter of (OX-1) Thomas and (UB-8) Deliverance (HALL) DURFEE, who was born on 19 June 1690 in Portsmouth, and died in 1723[9] in Portsmouth[9]. [3, 4, 8, 9]
5i.BENJAMIN5 TALLMAN, b. on 19 June 1710; d. about 1750.
+6ii.MARY TALLMAN, b. on 2 Aug. 1712 in Warwick, Franklin Co., Massachusetts; d. about 1790; m. on 22 Oct. 1730 in Portsmouth (QF-43) DANIEL FISH, b. in Portsmouth[11] on 17 May 1707[11], d. in New Ashford, Berkshire Co., Massachusetts in 1786, son of (QF-42) Lt. Robert and (UB-9) Mary (HALL).
7iii.DELIVERANCE TALLMAN, b. on 4 Feb. 1715[12]; d. about 1780 in Portsmouth[12]; m. in 1741[12] in Portsmouth[12] (ALY-19) RICHARD SISSON, JR, b. in Portsmouth on 28 Feb. 1708, d. in Portsmouth on 30 May 1753, son of (ALY-12) Richard and (JH-5) Ann (CARD) SISSON.
8iv.WILLIAM TALLMAN, b. about 1710; d. about 1750.
9v.PATIENCE TALLMAN, b. on 6 April 1721[13]; d. about 1790 in Portsmouth[13]; m. on 6 June 1754[13] in Portsmouth[13] (ALY-20) JOHN SISSON, b. in Portsmouth[13] on 5 Jan. 1716[13], d. in Portsmouth[13] about 1790, son of (ALY-12) Richard and (JH-5) Ann (CARD) SISSON.

Generation Five

6. MARY5 TALLMAN (Benjamin4, Peter3, Peter2, Jacques1), daughter of (4) Benjamin4 and (OX-8) Patience (DURFEE) TALLMAN, was born on 2 Aug. 1712 in Warwick, Franklin Co., and died between 12 Sept. 1757 and 1822. She married in Portsmouth, on 22 Oct. 1730, (QF-43) DANIEL FISH, son of (QF-42) Lt. Robert and (UB-9) Mary (HALL), who was born on 17 May 1707[11] in Portsmouth[11], and died in 1786 in New Ashford. [1, 5, 11]
Children: See (QF-43) Daniel FISH

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