Section ABY: Descendants of Stephen Mathew

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Generation One

1. STEPHEN1 MATHEW was born between 1457/8 and 1524, and died between 1517 and 1634. He married ISABEL NEWBURGH. [6]
+2i.JOHN2 MATHEW, b. about 1528[1]; d. about 1600.

Generation Two

2. JOHN2 MATHEW (Stephen1), son of (1) Stephen1 and Isabel (NEWBURGH) MATHEW, was born about 1528[1], and died between 1557 and 1648. [1, 4, 6]
+3i.GRACE3 MATTHEW, bp. on 21 Nov. 1558 in Yarcombe, Devonshire, England, United Kingdom; d. about Nov. 1632; m. on 15 JAN 1580/1[6] in Yarcombe[6] (AM-90) RICHARD NEWBURGH, b. in Dorset, England in 1557, d. in Yarcombe about 1630, son of (AM-87) Richard and (VP-3) Elizabeth (HORSEY) NEWBURGH.

Generation Three

3. GRACE3 MATTHEW (John2, Stephen1), daughter of (2) John2 MATHEW, was christened on 21 Nov. 1558 in Yarcombe, and was buried on 18 Dec. 1632[5] in Yarcombe[5]. She married in Yarcombe[6], on 15 JAN 1580/1[6], (AM-90) RICHARD NEWBURGH, son of (AM-87) Richard and (VP-3) Elizabeth (HORSEY) NEWBURGH, who was born in 1557 in Dorset, and died about 1630 in Yarcombe. [2, 3, 4, 5]
Children: See (AM-90) Richard NEWBURGH

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