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Generation One

1. HENRY1 COUTCHMAN of New York, United States was born about 1760 of New York, and died between 1 Nov. 1826 and 13 Jan. 1827. He married in New York[14], about 1785[14], CHRISTINA STICKLES of New York, who was born about 1764 of New York. [2, 4, 5, 9, 14]
1810 Census: Rensselaerville, Albany Co., NY
1 male 0-10: John (8)
1 male 10-16: David (10)
1 male 16-26: Philip (24)
1 male 45+: Henry (50)
1 female 0-10
1 female 10-16: Mary (13)
2 females 16-26: Margaret (22), Elizabeth (16)
1 female 45+: Christina (46)
MARRIAGE: History of County of Albany, N.Y.; emigrated from Dutchess Co. soon after marriage; first child born Dec. 1785

In Chapter IV, on the village of Preston Hollow:

Henry Couchman, another very early settler in this town, emigrated from Dutchess County soon after his marriage and settled one and a half miles from the present village of Preston Hollow, while this, the southwest portion of the town, was a dense wilderness. He, too, suffered the privations of a pioneer life. The nearest mill being at Leeds, twenty-four miles distant, and the nearest apple tree at Schoharie, from whence in after years he procured a bushel of apples, saved the seeds, which he planted and raised an orchard, which is still standing on the farm, about a mile and a half west of the village, now owned by his grandson, Edward Couchman. His wife, a beautiful High Dutch woman, full of fortitude and perseverance, in after life often related their early adventures in connection with the Indians, also of her using the gun to drive off the invading wolf and bear from their flocks and domestic animals. He accumulated a good property and reared a family of seven children upon this farm, viz., Philip, David, John, Margaret, Betsey, Polly and Sirena. Philip, the oldest, married a daughter of Rev. John Winans, the latter for many years pastor of the Preston Hollow Baptist Church. Soon after his marriage Philip moved to Black Rock (now the lower part of Buffalo), about the time of the war of 1812. He subsequently returned to Broome, where he reared a family of ten children. He was honored by his town with the offices of Supervisor and Justics of the Peace. He died in 1857, aged 72 years. David, after his father's death, purchased the old homestead farm, where he lived until not many years ago, when he died, highly respected by his townsmen, who had honored him with many town offices, all of which he filled with honor to himself and his constituents. John died a short time ago at Cooksburg, having retired from business. For many years he had carried on a blacksmith shop in Preston Hollow. Margaret, the eldest daughter, married Holly Winans. Their son, Philo Winans, with his family, resides now in the village. Betsey married Henry Horer, who became a man of wealth, made chiefly by the tanning business, carried on at Haurerville. He moved to Middleburgh, and lived a retired life, and he and his wife died at that place a few years ago, the latter at the age of 82 years. Polly married William Burnett. She died in Ontario County. Sirena married John Hagadorn. She died in Michigan.
1800 Census: Rensselaerville, Albany Co, NY
1 male 0-10: David (0)
1 male 10-16: Philip (14)
1 male 26-45: Henry (40)
2 females 0-10: Elizabeth (6), Mary (3)
2 females 10-16: Margaret (12), Cerenna (10)
1 female 26-45: Christina (36)[9]
SOURCE: IGI; New York; mother of Philip Couchman; Christina
IGI; New York; mother of David Couchman; Christina Lawen
ORDINANCES: Family File work; Chicago Temple
+2i.PHILIP2 COUCHMAN, b. on 19 Dec. 1785[3] in Rensselaerville, Albany Co., New York[3]; d. in 1857 in Broome, Schoharie Co., New York; m. on 2 June 1809 in Rensselaerville (AUA-3) ZELPHA WINANS, b. in Rensselaerville on 18 Sept. 1790, daughter of (AUA-1) John and Catherine (WATERS) WINANS.
+3ii.MARGARET COUCHMAN, b. on 28 March 1788[3] in Preston Hollow, Albany Co.[3]; d. about 1850; m. about 1813 in Preston Hollow (AUA-2) HAWLEY WINANS, b. in Dutchess Co., New York on 4 Oct. 1783, son of (AUA-1) John and Catherine (WATERS) WINANS.
+4iii.CYRENA COUCHMAN, b. on 13 March 1790[3] in Preston Hollow[3]; d. on 2 Dec. 1865[3, 12, 16] in Michigan, United States[3, 12, 16]; m. on 27 March 1807[3] in Albany Co.[3] (VF-1) JOHN HOGADONE, b. in Albany Co.[3] on 7 May 1785[3], d. in Michigan[3, 10, 12] on 6 June 1863[3, 10, 12].
5iv.ELIZABETH COUCHMAN, b. on 19 Jan. 1794[3, 14] in Preston Hollow[3, 14]; d. on 26 July 1877[11] in Middleburgh, Schoharie Co.[11]; bur. in Middleburgh Cem., Middleburgh; m. HENRY HAUVER, b. about 1790, d. in Middleburgh on 1 Nov. 1877, bur. in Middleburgh Cem.
6v.MARY COUCHMAN, b. on 7 Feb. 1797[3, 14] in Preston Hollow[3, 14]; d. about 1850; m. WILLIAM BURNETT, d. in Ontario Co., New York about 1900.
7vi.DAVID COUCHMAN, b. on 7 July 1799[3, 14] in Preston Hollow[3, 14]; d. about 1850.
1992 IGI: David Couchman -Christened 21 July 1799 Durham, Greene Co.,
8vii.JOHN COUCHMAN, b. on 6 Aug. 1802[3, 14] in Preston Hollow[3, 14]; d. about 1850 in Cooksburg, Albany Co.[14].

Generation Two

2. PHILIP2 COUCHMAN (Henry1), son of (1) Henry1 and Christina (STICKLES) COUTCHMAN, was born on 19 Dec. 1785[3] in Rensselaerville[3], and died in 1857 in Broome. He married in Rensselaerville, on 2 June 1809, (AUA-3) ZELPHA WINANS, daughter of (AUA-1) John and Catherine (WATERS) WINANS, who was born on 18 Sept. 1790 in Rensselaerville. [3, 15]
History of County of Albany, New York-raised 10 children in Broome
Zilpha Winans became the wife of Philip Couchman, of Preston Hollow. He was afterward known as "The Squire," as he had the office of justice of the peace a long time. A few years after their marriage they lived in Canada, near Fort Erie, and in the year of 1812 he was compelled to go to the defense of the fort, and with the rest of the garrison was taken prisoner by the Americans. Later the commander learned that Couchman was only in the enemy’s service under strong protest, and he was allowed to pass through the lines, first secretly informing his wife of the intention and making arrangements for meeting on the opposite shore So she sold or otherwise disposed of her effects, took her three small children, one an infant a few months, and bravely paddling her own canoe across the Niagara river, enjoined her husband. Imagine, if you can, the joy of the reunion. They then settled upon a farm near Livingstonville, where they brought up a family of seven sons and three daughters. The sons, large in more than one sense, together weighted over 1400 pounds. Six of them were royal arch masons. Their father had also taken the same degree in the fraternity. Three sons were ordained ministers.[15]
9i.LYRENA OR CYRENA3 COUCHMAN, b. on 24 Dec. 1809 in Livingstonville, Schoharie Co.; d. about 1850.
10ii.HENRY COUCHMAN, b. on 20 Feb. 1812 in Livingstonville; d. about 1850.
11iii.LYDIA COUCHMAN, b. on 4 Dec. 1817 in Livingstonville; d. about 1850.
12iv.HIRAM COUCHMAN, b. on 2 March 1820 in Livingstonville; d. about 1900.
13v.MILO COUCHMAN, b. on 8 April 1822 in Livingstonville; d. about 1900.
14vi.PHILIP COUCHMAN, b. on 30 Jan. 1824 in Livingstonville; d. about 1900.
15vii.ELISHA HUMPHREY COUCHMAN, b. on 20 Feb. 1826 in Livingstonville; d. about 1900.
16viii.MARIETTA COUCHMAN, b. on 9 Aug. 1828 in Livingstonville; d. about 1900.
17ix.PETER COUCHMAN, b. on 28 July 1831 in Livingstonville; d. about 1900.
3. MARGARET2 COUCHMAN (Henry1), daughter of (1) Henry1 and Christina (STICKLES) COUTCHMAN, was born on 28 March 1788[3] in Preston Hollow[3], and died between 1803 and 1898. She married in Preston Hollow, about 1813, (AUA-2) HAWLEY WINANS, son of (AUA-1) John and Catherine (WATERS) WINANS, who was born on 4 Oct. 1783 in Dutchess Co. [3, 13]
Child: See (AUA-2) Hawley WINANS
4. CYRENA2 COUCHMAN (Henry1), daughter of (1) Henry1 and Christina (STICKLES) COUTCHMAN, was born on 13 March 1790[3] in Preston Hollow[3], died on 2 Dec. 1865[3, 12, 16] in Michigan[3, 12, 16] and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan[10, 16]. She married in Albany Co.[3], on 27 March 1807[3], (VF-1) JOHN HOGADONE, who was born on 7 May 1785[3] in Albany Co.[3], died on 6 June 1863[3, 10, 12] in Michigan[3, 10, 12], and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery[10].

From the 1 June 1850 census, in Walker Twp., Kent Co.[6]:

NameAgeGenderOccupationReal Estate ValueBirthplace
John Hogadone64MFarmer2000NY
Serena Hogadone59FNY
John Hogadone Jr.32MFarmer2000Canada
Edwin D. Hogadone22MFarmerCanada
C. J. Hogadone15FCanada
Mathew Westfleat26MLaborerHolland

From the 1 June 1860 census, in Walker, Kent Co.[8]:

Dwelling #Family #NameAgeGenderOccupationReal Estate ValuePersonal Estate ValueBirthplace
22191977John Hogadone75MFarmer6000900NY
Serena Hogadone70FNY
John B. Hogadone42MFarmer7000700Canada
Edwin D. Hogadone33MCanada
Lucretia Hogadone19FNY
Edwin HogadoneMMichigan

[1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 16]
Letter from sister Betsey Hauvers to Cyrena Hogadorn, dated July 2, 1865, New York.
Photocopy in possession of Ruth Balcom:

Dear beloved sister, I woncemore seat myself for the purpose of trying of writing a few lines to let you no that I am yet in the land of the living. I often wonder why my unprofatable life is spared so many years but must wait my apointed time. I sumtimes think my road hard won but suppose it is better than I deserve. Mrs. Hauver can't get about to see to anny business at all so it all cums on poor old me. I hardly think myself capible or abble to do as mutch as I hav to do but will try to do the best I can the short time I hav to stay. Dear sister how we would like to hav you make us a visit. John B. wrote he thought he should visit us this year. Dear sister wont you try to cum with him. I think we woul hav a fine time ov it. If you need anny won to cum with you to wait upon you tel J. B. to bring along his wife if he wont do so bring along sum of your Doughters to wait upon you. Say to them we wont hurt them here would like to see them all. We will do the best we can for you all.

Dear sister I think if you would cum we would talk sum if not more do try it. I dont no but our friends are all well. I don't see them often. I am confined at home as Hauver needs mutch waiting on. We hav not Heard from Polly in a long time. We don't no whether she is dead or alive but we think if she was dead we would hear of it.

Please write an let us no when you will be here so we will be at home. I Hope this will find you all well. My Love to all inquiring Friends.

To Yours Truly
Cyrena Hogadorn Betsey Hauver
Children: See (VF-1) John HOGADONE

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