Section ZH: Descendants of King Dermod of Leinster

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Generation One

1. KING DERMOD1 OF LEINSTER of Leinster, Ireland was born between 961 and 1058, and died on 23 FEB 1071/2 in Odhba. He married (W-6) DARBFORGAILL _____, daughter of (W-4) King Donnchad, who died in 1080[1]. [2, 7, 8]
(Diarmait Mac Mael nam Bo)
King of Leinster (a reputed descendant of Enna Cainnselack, King of Ireland in
the 4th century), defeated the Danes, 1052, slain at Odhba.[7]
+2i.KING MURCHADH2 OF LEINSTER of Leinster, b. about 1030/1 of Leinster; d. on 8 Dec. 1090 in Dublin, Ireland; m. (X-2) SADB _____, daughter of (X-1) MacBricc _____.

Generation Two

2. KING MURCHADH2 OF LEINSTER (Dermod1) of Leinster, son of (1) King Dermod1 and (W-6) Darbforgaill (_____), was born between 983/4 and 1072/3, and died on 8 Dec. 1090 in Dublin. He married (X-2) SADB _____, daughter of (X-1) MacBricc _____. [3, 8]
King of Leinster, slain at Dublin, Dec. 8, 1090.
+3i.KING DONNCHAD3 MACMURCHADA, b. about 1060; d. in 1115 in Dublin; m. ORLAITH _____.

Generation Three

3. KING DONNCHAD3 MACMURCHADA (Murchadh of LEINSTER2, Dermod1), son of (2) King Murchadh2 and (X-2) Sadb (_____), was born between 1050/1 and 1081, and died in 1115 in Dublin. He married ORLAITH _____. [4, 8]
King of Dublin and Leinstar, slain at Dublin 1115.
4i.KING ENNA4 LEINSTER, b. about 1085 in Dublin, Leinster; d. in 1126 in Lough Carman, Ireland.
King of Leinster 1119-1126, d. at Lough Carman, Wexford, in the 8th year of his
AR: (175-6)
+5ii.KING DIARMAIT MACMURCHADA of Leinster, b. in 1100[1] of Leinster; d. on 1 Jan. 1171[1] in Ferus; m. about 1140 Of Lough Carmen, Wexford, Leinster (AFL-2) MORE O'TOOLE of Leinster, b. of Leinster about 1114, d. about 1177[1], daughter of (AFL-1) Muirceartach O'TOOLE.

Generation Four

5. KING DIARMAIT4 MACMURCHADA (Donnchad3, Murchadh of LEINSTER2, Dermod1) of Leinster, son of (3) King Donnchad3 and Orlaith (_____), was born in 1100[1] of Leinster, and died on 1 Jan. 1171[1] in Ferus. He married Of Lough Carmen, about 1140, (AFL-2) MORE O'TOOLE of Leinster, daughter of (AFL-1) Muirceartach O'TOOLE, who was born about 1114 of Leinster, and died about 1177[1]. [1, 5, 10, 11, 12]
(Diarmaid Mac Murchada or Diardmaid-Na-Ugall)
King of Leinster 1135-1156, deposed
ae. 15 in 1126
MacMurrough arms: Sable three garbs or.
+6i.AOIFE5 OF LEINSTER of Lancaster, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, b. about 1115 of Lancaster; d. about 1210[1]; m. about 26 Aug. 1171 in Waterford, Ireland (Q-84) RICHARD FITZ GILBERT DE CLARE, "STRONGBOW" of Tunbridge, Kent, England, b. of Tunbridge about 1125, d. in Dublin, Leinster on 20 April 1176, son of (Q-61) Gilbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke and (AM-26) Elizabeth (de BEAUMONT).

Generation Five

6. AOIFE5 OF LEINSTER (Diarmait MACMURCHADA4, Donnchad3, Murchadh of LEINSTER2, Dermod1) of Lancaster, daughter of (5) King Diarmait4 and (AFL-2) More (O'TOOLE), was born between 1124/5 and 1125 of Lancaster, and died between 1186 and 1235[1]. She married in Waterford, about 26 Aug. 1171, (Q-84) RICHARD FITZ GILBERT DE CLARE, "STRONGBOW" of Tunbridge, son of (Q-61) Gilbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke and (AM-26) Elizabeth (de BEAUMONT), who was born about 1125 of Tunbridge, died on 20 April 1176 in Dublin, Leinster, and was buried in Holy Trinity (Ch, Dublin, Leinster. [1, 6, 9, 11, 12]
Child: See (Q-84) Richard Fitz Gilbert de CLARE, "Strongbow"

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