Section ALF: Descendants of Prince Llewellyn ap Seisyll

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Generation One

1. PRINCE LLEWELLYN AP1 SEISYLL of North Wales, Wales, United Kingdom was born in 980 of North Wales, and died in 1023. He married in 994, QUEEN ANGHARAT II _____ of Powys, Wales. [2, 5]
This person exists on "The Royal Line" chart going back to Joseph of
Arimathea of the Bible.
+2i.PRINCE GRUFFYDD AP2 LLYWELYN of North Wales, b. about 1024 of North Wales; d. on 5 Aug. 1063[1]; m. in 1057 (ACM-4) EDITH (OF MERCIA), d. about 1120[1], daughter of (ACM-3) Elgar, Earl and Alfgifu (_____).

Generation Two

2. PRINCE GRUFFYDD AP2 LLYWELYN (Llewellyn ap SEISYLL1) of North Wales, son of (1) Prince Llewellyn ap1 and Queen Angharat II (_____), was born between 993/4 and 1024, and died on 5 Aug. 1063[1]. He married in 1057, (ACM-4) EDITH (OF MERCIA), daughter of (ACM-3) Elgar, Earl and Alfgifu (_____), who died about 1120[1]. [1, 3]
+3i.NESTA3 OF NORTH WALES of Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales, b. about 1055[1] of Rhuddlan; d. about 1100; m. (QQ-2) OSBORN FITZ RICHARD of Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom, b. of Watton at Stone[1] between 1045 and 1060[1], d. in England about 1140[1], son of (QQ-1) Richard FITZ SCROB.

Generation Three

3. NESTA3 OF NORTH WALES (Gruffydd ap LLYWELYN2, Llewellyn ap SEISYLL1) of Rhuddlan, daughter of (2) Prince Gruffydd ap2 and (ACM-4) Edith (of MERCIA), was born between 1013/4 and 1064[1] of Rhuddlan, and died between 1069 and 1173. She married (QQ-2) OSBORN FITZ RICHARD of Watton at Stone, son of (QQ-1) Richard FITZ SCROB, who was born between 1045 and 1060[1] of Watton at Stone[1], and died about 1140[1] in England. [1, 4, 6]
Child: See (QQ-2) Osborn FITZ RICHARD

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