Section KM: Descendants of John Chudleigh

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Generation One

1. JOHN1 CHUDLEIGH was born about 1280[2], and died between 1299 and 1400. He married THOMASINE PROUZ, who was born about 1285[2]. [2]
+2i.JOHN2 CHUDLEIGH, b. about 1310[2]; d. about 1400; m. (EF-7) JOAN BEAUCHAMP, b. about 1313[2], daughter of (EF-5) Sir John and Joan (de NONANT).

Generation Two

2. JOHN2 CHUDLEIGH (John1), son of (1) John1 and Thomasine (PROUZ) CHUDLEIGH, was born about 1310[2], and died between 1329 and 1430. He married (EF-7) JOAN BEAUCHAMP, daughter of (EF-5) Sir John and Joan (de NONANT), who was born about 1313[2]. [2]
+3i.JAMES3 CHUDLEIGH, b. about 1340[2]; d. in 1401[2]; m. JOAN POMEROY, b. about 1342[2], d. on 16 June 1420[2].

Generation Three

3. JAMES3 CHUDLEIGH (John2, John1), son of (2) John2 and (EF-7) Joan (BEAUCHAMP) CHUDLEIGH, was born about 1340[2], and died in 1401[2]. He married JOAN POMEROY, who was born about 1342[2], and died on 16 June 1420[2]. [2]
+4i.JOHANNA4 CHUDLEIGH, b. about 1364[1]; d. on 8 Dec. 1423[3]; m. (AKL-7) SIR JOHN DE ST. AUBYN, b. about 1352[1], d. on 28 Aug. 1383[3], son of (AKL-6) Sir Thomas and Alice (RALEIGH).

Generation Four

4. JOHANNA4 CHUDLEIGH (James3, John2, John1), daughter of (3) James3 and Joan (POMEROY) CHUDLEIGH, was born between 1345/6 and 1369[1], and died on 8 Dec. 1423[3]. She married (AKL-7) SIR JOHN DE ST. AUBYN, son of (AKL-6) Sir Thomas and Alice (RALEIGH), who was born about 1352[1], and died on 28 Aug. 1383[3]. [1, 3]
Child: See (AKL-7) Sir John de ST. AUBYN

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