Section VT: Descendants of William Huggeford

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Generation One

1. WILLIAM1 HUGGEFORD of Hulverle Hall, Solihull, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom has an unknown birthdate. [2, 3]
+2i.a daughter HUGGEFORD of Hulverle Hall, b. about 1250 of Hulverle Hall[2]; d. about 1350; m. about 1290[3] (TE-1) JOHN GRESWOLD, b. in Kenilworth, Warwickshire[1, 2] about 1250, d. in Solihull[2] about 1350.

Generation Two

2. _____ HUGGEFORD (William1) of Hulverle Hall, daughter of (1) William1 HUGGEFORD, was born between 1169 and 1286, and died between 1280 and 1396. She married about 1290[3], (TE-1) JOHN GRESWOLD, who was born about 1250 in Kenilworth[1, 2], and died about 1350 in Solihull[2]. [2, 3]
Child: See (TE-1) John GRESWOLD

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