Section PP: Descendants of Mrs-Henry I, Concubine England

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Generation One

1. MRS-HENRY I, CONCUBINE1 ENGLAND of Caen, Calvedos, France was born about 1070 of Caen, and died between 1080 and 1190.
+SH-1i.ROBERT, "DE CAEN"1 GLOUCESTER of Caen, Calvados, France, b. about 1090 of Caen, Calvados; d. on 31 Oct. 1147 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom; m. about 1109 of England (QW-2) MABEL FITZHAMON, [COUNTESS OF GLO of England, b. of England about 1090, d. in Bristol in 1157, daughter of (QW-1) Robert, [Lord of Corboil and Matilda (MONTGOMERY).