Section AFN: Descendants of William Odell

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Generation One

1. WILLIAM1 ODELL of Newport, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom was born between 1582 and 1625/6, and died between 6 June 1676 and 12 June 1676. He married REBECCA _____. [1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7]
"William was closely related, in all likelihood, to Mary Odell who m. at Salford, co. Bedford, Eng., 12 July 1630, Benjamin Turney. The Turneys were with William Odell in Concord and Fairfield. Mary had no brother William, but she had three uncles, Richard, Thomas, and William, all known to have had children and suitable in age for the paternity of William. Newport Pagnell, co. Bucks, where William had a fracas in 1637 (and in 1639 was reported in New England), is very close to Salford, and only about five miles from Cranfield, co. Bedford, home town of the Wheelers of Concord and Fairfield, where Odells were numerous. See The American Genealogist, 14:224-228, and 15:55-57. Until the parentage of William is established by record evidence, various claims of his exalted descent which have been put forward rest on no firmer foundation than the unsupported asseveration of their proponents."[7]
2i.JOHN2 ODELL, b. about 1650; d. about 22 April 1707; m. MARY _____, d. about 1711[3].
3ii.JAMES ODELL, b. on 2 Jan. 1640[3] in Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts, United States[3]; d. about March 1641; bur. on 4 April 1641[3] in Concord[3].
+4iii.REBECCA ODELL, b. on 17 July 1642[3] in Concord[3]; d. about 1710; m. (ADX-3) LT. SAMUEL MOREHOUSE, b. about 1637[4], d. in Fairfield, Fairfield Co., Connecticut, United States[2, 4] about 20 Dec. 1687[2, 4], son of (ADX-1) Thomas and Isabel (_____) MOREHOUSE.
5iv.WILLIAM ODELL, b. about 1644[3]; d. about 1700.

Generation Two

4. REBECCA2 ODELL (William1), daughter of (1) William1 and Rebecca (_____) ODELL, was born on 17 July 1642[3] in Concord[3], and died between 1669 and 1752. She married (ADX-3) LT. SAMUEL MOREHOUSE, son of (ADX-1) Thomas and Isabel (_____) MOREHOUSE, who was born about 1637[4], died about 20 Dec. 1687[2, 4] in Fairfield[2, 4], and was buried in Fairfield[4]. [3, 5, 6]
Children: See (ADX-3) Lt. Samuel MOREHOUSE

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