Section ZP: Descendants of Geoffrey Lingwood

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Generation One

1. GEOFFREY1 LINGWOOD has an unknown birthdate. He married (ALV-2) ELIZABETH SIBTHORPE of Great Bardfield, Essex, England, United Kingdom, daughter of (ALV-1) John SIBTHORPE. [3]
+2i.WILLIAM2 LINGWOOD, m. (ATZ-2) MARY WILSON, daughter of (ATZ-1) Thomas WILSON.

Generation Two

2. WILLIAM2 LINGWOOD (Geoffrey1), son of (1) Geoffrey1 and (ALV-2) Elizabeth (SIBTHORPE) LINGWOOD, has an unknown birthdate. He married (ATZ-2) MARY WILSON, daughter of (ATZ-1) Thomas WILSON. [3, 4]

Generation Three

3. JOHN3 LINGWOOD (William2, Geoffrey1), son of (2) William2 and (ATZ-2) Mary (WILSON) LINGWOOD, has an unknown birthdate. He married JANE MARLER. [3, 4]
+4i.AGNES4 LINGWOOD of Braintree, Essex, b. about 1570 of Braintree; d. about 1650; m. (AAC-3) JOHN LOOMIS, chr. in Thaxted, Essex in 1562, d. in Braintree[1] about May 1619[1], son of (AAC-2) John and Christine (PASFIELD) LOOMIS.

Generation Four

4. AGNES4 LINGWOOD (John3, William2, Geoffrey1) of Braintree, daughter of (3) John3 and Jane (MARLER) LINGWOOD, was born between 1524/5 and 1586, and died between 1580 and 1696. She married in Braintree, (AAC-3) JOHN LOOMIS, son of (AAC-2) John and Christine (PASFIELD) LOOMIS, who was christened in 1562 in Thaxted, and died about May 1619[1] in Braintree[1]. [1, 2, 3, 4]
"It is to be expected that this John married a Lingwood or a Wilson in Braintree Church."[3]
Child: See (AAC-3) John LOOMIS

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