Section AED: Descendants of Count Guerri I of Morvois

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Generation One

1. COUNT GUERRI I1 OF MORVOIS has an unknown birthdate. He married EVE OF ROUSSILLON. [1, 3]
+2i.BERTHA2 DE MORVOIS, b. about 860; d. about 950; m. (LG-42) COUNT HERBERT I DE VERMANDOIS of Vermandois, France, b. of Vermandois about 840, d. about 900, son of (LG-33) Count Pepin.

Generation Two

2. BERTHA2 DE MORVOIS (Guerri I of MORVOIS1), daughter of (1) Count Guerri I1 and Eve (of ROUSSILLON), was born between 824/5 and 876, and died between 880 and 986. She married (LG-42) COUNT HERBERT I DE VERMANDOIS of Vermandois, son of (LG-33) Count Pepin, who was born about 840 of Vermandois, and died about 900. [2, 4]
Children: See (LG-42) Count Herbert I de VERMANDOIS

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