Section AHT: Descendants of Daniel Porter

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Generation One

1. DANIEL1 PORTER was born between 1597/8 and 1643/4, and died between 1657 and 1754. He married MARY _____. [2]
+2i.DR. RICHARD2 PORTER, b. on 24 March 1658[2]; d. about 1739; m. MARY _____.

Generation Two

2. DR. RICHARD2 PORTER (Daniel1), son of (1) Daniel1 and Mary (_____) PORTER, was born on 24 March 1658[2], and died between 1 Dec. 1739 and 9 Feb. 1740. He married MARY _____. [1, 2]
+3i.LYDIA3 PORTER, b. about 1716[1] in West Haven, New Haven Co., Connecticut, United States[1]; d. about 1810[1]; m. on 19 Dec. 1734[1] in West Haven[1] (AGF-5) DANIEL PARDEE, b. in New Haven, New Haven Co.[1] on 28 Nov. 1706[1], d. in West Haven[1] in 1764[1], son of (AGF-4) Joseph and (AGP-7) Elizabeth (PAYNE) PARDEE.

Generation Three

3. LYDIA3 PORTER (Richard2, Daniel1), daughter of (2) Dr. Richard2 and Mary (_____), was born between 1686 and 1717/8[1] in West Haven[1], and died between 1795 and 1828[1]. She married in West Haven[1], on 19 Dec. 1734[1], (AGF-5) DANIEL PARDEE, son of (AGF-4) Joseph and (AGP-7) Elizabeth (PAYNE) PARDEE, who was born on 28 Nov. 1706[1] in New Haven[1], and died in 1764[1] in West Haven[1]. [1, 2]
Child: See (AGF-5) Daniel PARDEE

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