Section XB: Descendants of Isaac Newton Jarrett

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Generation One

1. ISAAC NEWTON1 JARRETT was born on 8 Aug. 1855[1] in Franklin Twp., Henry Co., Indiana, United States[1], and died on 1 July 1919[1] in Nankin Twp., Wayne Co., Michigan, United States[1]. He married (1st) in Union Twp., LaPorte Co., Indiana[1], on 31 Dec. 1891[1]. He married (2nd) in Union Twp.[1], on 31 Dec. 1891[1], (ATP-57) HARRIETT MAY WILKINSON, daughter of (ATP-17) Christopher A. and Ella C. (BARNES) WILKINSON, who was born on 29 Jan. 1869[1] in Union Twp.[1], and died on 14 Aug. 1946[1] in Dearborn Twp., Wayne Co.[1]. [1]
Children of: Isaac Newton1 JARRETT and Harriett May WILKINSON:
2i.BERNIECE HARRIETT2 JARRETT, b. on 15 June 1896[1] in North Judson, Starke Co., Indiana[1]; d. on 17 Sept. 1981[1] in Cadillac, Wexford Co., Michigan[1]; m. JAMES CLYDE GILBERT, b. in Otsego Lake Twp., Otsego Co., Michigan[1] on 21 Jan. 1893[1], d. in Pinconning, Bay Co., Michigan[1] on 11 Oct. 1940[1].
3ii.FRANK ARCHIBALD JARRETT, b. on 21 June 1893[1] in Kingbury, LaPorte Co.[1]; d. on 5 Oct. 1949[1].

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