Section AAX: Descendants of _____ Mack

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Generation One

1. _____ MACK was born between 1773 and 1836, and died between 1832 and 1946. He married (AFZ-17) _____ OSBORN, daughter of (AFZ-12) Garret and Hannah M. (_____) OSBORN, who was born between 1815 and 1820[3], and died about 1850[5].
+2i.GURDON2 MACK, b. about 1843[2]; d. about 1920; m. on 16 Jan. 1868 in Elkhart Co., Indiana, United States MARTHA FREDERICK, b. about 1841[4].

Generation Two

2. GURDON2 MACK (_____1), son of (1) _____ and (AFZ-17) _____ (OSBORN) MACK, was born between 1829 and 2 Sept. 1850[2], and died between 1879 and 1960. He married in Elkhart Co., on 16 Jan. 1868, MARTHA FREDERICK, who was born about 1841[4]. [1, 2]
Gurdon, sometimes seen as Gordon, was probably born the son of Garret Osborn's oldest daughter, who died before 1850. In the 1850 census, he is found with his grandparents Garret and Hannah Osborn, and his aunt Julia Osborn. Between 1850 and 1860, Julia married Harrison Truesdell, and Gurdon was then apparently adopted by them, as he appears as Gurdon M. Truesdell from that point onward. In Garret Osborn's probate in 1866, after Julia's death, he is named as a grandson as Gordon (Mack) Truesdell son of Julia.
3i.NETTIE3 TRUESDELL, b. about 1872[4] in Indiana[4]; d. about 1950.
4ii.DORA L. TRUESDELL, b. about 1874[4] in Indiana[4]; d. about 1950.
5iii.EDNY TRUESDELL, b. about 1876[4] in Indiana[4]; d. about 1950.
6iv.LUCY TRUESDELL, b. about March 1880[4] in Indiana[4]; d. about 1950.

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