Section PR: Descendants of Gijsbert Everwijn

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Generation One

1. GIJSBERT1 EVERWIJN was born about 1550[1], and died between 1564 and 1670. He married GERARDINA PIUJN, who was born about 1550. [1]
+2i.WALBURGA2 EVERWIJN, b. about 1575[1]; d. on 4 Feb. 1635/6[1]; m. (NS-4) LAURENS DESILLE, b. on 1 March 1572/3[1], d. on 2 Jan. 1637/8[1], son of (NS-3) Nicasius and (NR-2) Genoveve (DEROMAIGNAN) DESILLE.

Generation Two

2. WALBURGA2 EVERWIJN (Gijsbert1), daughter of (1) Gijsbert1 and Gerardina (PIUJN) EVERWIJN, was born about 1575[1], and died on 4 Feb. 1635/6[1]. She married (NS-4) LAURENS DESILLE, son of (NS-3) Nicasius and (NR-2) Genoveve (DEROMAIGNAN) DESILLE, who was born on 1 March 1572/3[1], and died on 2 Jan. 1637/8[1]. [1]
Child: See (NS-4) Laurens DESILLE

1. Donna Spence, to Dave Thaler, e-mail.