Section DK: Descendants of William Bardolf

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Generation One

1. WILLIAM1 BARDOLF was born between 1199 and 1245, and died in 1289[1]. He married (SN-11) JULIANA DE GOURNAY, daughter of (SN-9) Hugh and Maud (_____) DE GOURNAY, who died in 1295[1]. [2, 1]
+2i.SIR HUGH2 BARDOLF, b. about 29 Sept. 1259[1]; d. in Sept. 1304[1]; m. (AT-3) ISABEL AGUILLON, b. about 1258[1], d. after 1316[1], daughter of (AT-2) Robert and (PX-15) Joan (de FERRERS) AGUILLON.

Generation Two

2. SIR HUGH2 BARDOLF (William1), son of (1) William1 and (SN-11) Juliana (de GOURNAY) BARDOLF, was born about 29 Sept. 1259[1], and died in Sept. 1304[1]. He married (AT-3) ISABEL AGUILLON, daughter of (AT-2) Robert and (PX-15) Joan (de FERRERS) AGUILLON, who was born about 1258[1], and died after 1316[1]. [2, 1]
+3i.THOMAS3 BARDOLF, 2ND LORD BARDOLF, b. on 4 Oct. 1282[1]; d. on 15 Dec. 1328[1]; m. AGNES _____, d. on 11 Dec. 1357[1].

Generation Three

3. THOMAS3 BARDOLF, 2ND LORD BARDOLF (Hugh2, William1), son of (2) Sir Hugh2 and (AT-3) Isabel (AGUILLON), was born on 4 Oct. 1282[1], and died on 15 Dec. 1328[1]. He married AGNES _____, who died on 11 Dec. 1357[1]. [3, 4, 5, 6, 1]
4i.JOHN4 BARDOLF, 3RD LORD BARDOLF, b. on 13 Jan. 1311/2[1]; d. on 29 July 1363[4] in Assisi, Perugia, Umbria, Italy[4]; m. in 1326[1] (NE-3) ELIZABETH DAMORY of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, b. in 1318[4], d. before 1363[4], daughter of (NE-2) Sir Roger and (Q-114) Elizabeth (de CLARE) (DE BURGH) (DE VERDUN).

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