Section AIL: Descendants of Mathew Randall, Mayor of Bath

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Generation One

1. MATHEW1 RANDALL, MAYOR OF BATH was born in 1571[20] in Bath, Somerset, England, United Kingdom[20], died on 16 Feb. 1640/1[20] in Bath[20] and was buried on 23 Feb. 1640/1[20, 26] in Bath Abbey, Bath[20, 26]. He married (1st) in Bath Abbey[26, 20], on 16 April 1596[26, 20], (MR-2) AGNES CULLEN, daughter of (MR-1) William and Joane (MILLARD) CULLEN, who was born on 1 Jan. 1570/1[21] in Bath[21], died on 19 Feb. 1627/8[21] in Bath[21], and was buried on 19 Feb. 1627/8[26] in Bath Abbey[26]. He married (2nd) in Bath Abbey[26], on 13 Aug. 1635[26], ELIZABETH MOORFORD. [20, 26]
Children of: Mathew1 RANDALL, Mayor of Bath and Agnes CULLEN:
2i.ELIZABETH2 RANDALL, bp. on 24 June 1596[26] in Bath Abbey[26]; d. between 1 Oct. 1598 and 17 Dec. 1598.
3ii.ROBERT RANDALL, bp. on 10 April 1598[26] in Bath Abbey[26]; d. in 1671[26]; m. JOAN _____.
+4iii.REV. MATHEW RANDALL, b. on 3 July 1600[22] in Bath[22]; d. in 1677[22] in High Ham, Somerset[22]; m. (1) on 20 Jan. 1638/9[23] in St. Mellion, Cornwall, England[23] (APL-5) MARGARET TREVISA, chr. in St. Mellion[25] on 13 June 1613[25], d. in High Ham[23] in 1668[23], daughter of (APL-4) John and (ME-24) Margaret (COURTENAY) TREVISA; m. (2) on 13 Aug. 1635 .
5iv.JOHN RANDALL, b. on 22 Feb. 1602/3[26] in Bath Abbey[26]; d. between 22 Feb. 1603 and 16 March 1603.
6v.GEORGE RANDALL, bp. on 9 April 1605[26] in Bath Abbey[26]; d. between 1 Aug. 1605 and 24 Oct. 1605.
7vi.RICHARD RANDALL, bp. on 21 Dec. 1606[26] in Bath Abbey[26].
8vii.JOHN RANDALL, bp. on 28 May 1609[26] in Bath Abbey[26]; d. on 5 Oct. 1676[26] in London, Middlesex, England[26]; m. on 6 Jan. 1647[26] in London[26] ABIGAIL CLAYTON.
9viii.GEORGE RANDALL, b. on 18 Sept. 1611[26] in Bath Abbey[26]; m. MARIE _____.

Generation Two

4. REV. MATHEW2 RANDALL (Mathew1), son of (1) Mathew1, Mayor of Bath and (MR-2) Agnes (CULLEN), was born on 3 July 1600[22] in Bath[22], was christened on 3 July 1600[26] in Bath Abbey[26], and died in 1677[22] in High Ham[22]. He married (1st) in St. Mellion[23], on 20 Jan. 1638/9[23], (APL-5) MARGARET TREVISA, daughter of (APL-4) John and (ME-24) Margaret (COURTENAY) TREVISA, who was christened on 13 June 1613[25] in St. Mellion[25], and died in 1668[23] in High Ham[23]. He married (2nd) on 13 Aug. 1635. [22, 26]
Child of: Rev. Mathew2 RANDALL and Margaret TREVISA:
+10i.JOHN3 RANDALL, b. on 20 Jan. 1639/40[19] in High Ham[19]; d. about 1684[7] in Westerly, Washington Co., Rhode Island, United States[7]; m. on 31 Jan. 1658 in London, London, England (APA-14) ELIZABETH TORREY, b. in Combe, Somerset[24] in 1646[24], d. in Westerly[24] in 1685[24], daughter of (APA-13) Joseph and Mary (_____) TORREY.

Generation Three

10. JOHN3 RANDALL (Mathew2, Mathew1), son of (4) Rev. Mathew2 and (APL-5) Margaret (TREVISA), was born on 20 Jan. 1639/40[19] in High Ham[19], was christened on 20 Jan. 1641[19], and died between 1674 and 1694[7] in Westerly[7]. He married in London, London, England, on 31 Jan. 1658, (APA-14) ELIZABETH TORREY, daughter of (APA-13) Joseph and Mary (_____) TORREY, who was born in 1646[24] in Combe[24], and died in 1685[24] in Westerly[24]. [7, 19]
See also
+11i.JOHN4 RANDALL JR., b. in 1666[7] in Westerly[7]; d. in 1720 in Stonington, New London Co., Connecticut, United States; m. (1) in 1695[7] in Stonington[7] ABIGAIL _____, d. in Stonington[7] in 1705[7]; m. (2) on 25 Nov. 1706[4, 7] in Stonington[4, 7] (DE-29) MARY BALDWIN, b. in Stonington[4, 7] on 24 Feb. 1675[4, 7], d. in Stonington on 28 June 1766, daughter of (DE-18) John and (AFX-13) Rebecca (PALMER) (CHEESBROUGH) BALDWIN.

Generation Four

11. JOHN4 RANDALL JR. (John3, Mathew2, Mathew1), son of (10) John3 and (APA-14) Elizabeth (TORREY) RANDALL, was born in 1666[7] in Westerly[7], and died in 1720 in Stonington. He married (1st) in Stonington[7], in 1695[7], ABIGAIL _____, who died in 1705[7] in Stonington[7]. He married (2nd) in Stonington[4, 7], on 25 Nov. 1706[4, 7], (DE-29) MARY BALDWIN, daughter of (DE-18) John and (AFX-13) Rebecca (PALMER) (CHEESBROUGH) BALDWIN, who was born on 24 Feb. 1675[4, 7] in Stonington[4, 7], was christened on 7 Aug. 1692 in Stonington, and died on 28 June 1766 in Stonington. [4, 7, 27]
Child of: John4 RANDALL Jr. and Mary BALDWIN:
+12i.BENJAMIN5 RANDALL, b. on 2 June 1715[4, 12] in Stonington[4, 12]; d. on 15 June 1811[12] in Colchester, New London Co.[12]; m. in 1733[8] in Stonington[8] (HL-94) RUTH BROWNE, b. in Stonington[18] on 30 June 1714[18], d. in Colchester[8] on 20 May 1791[8], daughter of (HL-52) Eleazer and (AGQ-13) Ann (PENDLETON) BROWNE.

Generation Five

12. BENJAMIN5 RANDALL (John4, John3, Mathew2, Mathew1), son of (11) John4 Jr. and (DE-29) Mary (BALDWIN), was born on 2 June 1715[4, 12] in Stonington[4, 12], was christened on 14 Aug. 1715, and died on 15 June 1811[12] in Colchester[12]. He married in Stonington[8], in 1733[8], (HL-94) RUTH BROWNE, daughter of (HL-52) Eleazer and (AGQ-13) Ann (PENDLETON) BROWNE, who was born on 30 June 1714[18] in Stonington[18], and died on 20 May 1791[8] in Colchester[8]. [4, 5, 12]
+13i.SYLVESTER6 RANDALL, b. in 1735[5, 9] in Stonington[5, 9]; d. on 7 Aug. 1808[5, 9] in Colchester[5, 9]; m. on 16 Nov. 1757[5] in Norwich, New London Co.[5] (ATC-26) MARTHA WIGHTMAN, b. in Bozrah, New London Co.[5] on 16 April 1738[5], d. in Colchester[6] on 15 June 1819[6], daughter of (ATC-25) Abraham and (AMW-5) Susannah (STARK) WIGHTMAN.
14ii.RUFUS RANDALL, b. on 25 June 1738 in Stonington; d. in 1822[10] in German Flatts, Herkimer Co., New York, United States[10]; m. on 2 Dec. 1757 in Norwich MARGARET WIGHTMAN, b. in Connecticut on 24 Aug. 1740, d. in German Flatts in 1812.

Generation Six

13. SYLVESTER6 RANDALL (Benjamin5, John4, John3, Mathew2, Mathew1), son of (12) Benjamin5 and (HL-94) Ruth (BROWNE) RANDALL, was born in 1735[5, 9] in Stonington[5, 9], and died on 7 Aug. 1808[5, 9] in Colchester[5, 9]. He married in Norwich[5], on 16 Nov. 1757[5], (ATC-26) MARTHA WIGHTMAN, daughter of (ATC-25) Abraham and (AMW-5) Susannah (STARK) WIGHTMAN, who was born on 16 April 1738[5] in Bozrah[5], and died on 15 June 1819[6] in Colchester[6]. [5, 9, 17]
+15i.ABRAHAM7 RANDALL, b. on 6 Dec. 1758[11] in Colchester[11]; d. on 11 Nov. 1831[5, 11] in Mohawk, Herkimer Co.[5, 11]; m. on 27 Nov. 1783[5, 13] in Colchester[5, 13] (AMW-7) HANNAH STARK, b. in Bozrah[13] on 19 Nov. 1762[13], d. in Mohawk[5, 13] on 25 May 1812[5, 13], daughter of (AMW-6) Abiel and (UQ-41) Chloe (HINCKLEY) STARK.

Generation Seven

15. ABRAHAM7 RANDALL (Sylvester6, Benjamin5, John4, John3, Mathew2, Mathew1), son of (13) Sylvester6 and (ATC-26) Martha (WIGHTMAN) RANDALL, was born on 6 Dec. 1758[11] in Colchester[11], and died on 11 Nov. 1831[5, 11] in Mohawk[5, 11]. He married in Colchester[5, 13], on 27 Nov. 1783[5, 13], (AMW-7) HANNAH STARK, daughter of (AMW-6) Abiel and (UQ-41) Chloe (HINCKLEY) STARK, who was born on 19 Nov. 1762[13] in Bozrah[13], and died on 25 May 1812[5, 13] in Mohawk[5, 13]. [5, 11, 17]
16i.ABIEL8 RANDALL, b. on 20 June 1785[13] in Colchester[13]; d. on 29 July 1865[13] in Churchville, New York[13].
17ii.REUBEN RANDALL, b. on 3 Aug. 1787[13] in Colchester[13]; d. in April 1855[13] in Utica, Oneida Co., New York[13].
18iii.JARED HINCKLEY RANDALL, b. on 3 Sept. 1789[13] in Colchester[13]; d. on 20 Aug. 1858[13] in Shopiere, Rock Co., Wisconsin, United States[13].
19iv.JOSHUA RANDALL, b. on 14 March 1792[13] in Colchester[13]; d. on 18 May 1829[13] in German Flatts[13].
20v.CHARLES RANDALL, b. on 1 Oct. 1793[13] in Colchester[13]; d. on 15 Nov. 1860[13] in Shopiere[13].
21vi.CHLOE RANDALL, b. on 9 Nov. 1795[13] in Colchester[13]; d. on 8 April 1858[13] in Columbia[13].
22vii.MARTHA RANDALL, b. on 9 Nov. 1795[13] in Colchester[13]; d. on 7 Dec. 1855[13] in Shopiere[13].
+23viii.HANNAH RANDALL, b. on 29 March 1798[14] in Colchester[14]; m. on 13 March 1822[16] in Mohawk[16] (AIM-39) LEWIS REED, b. in Schodack, Rensselaer Co., New York[16] on 19 Oct. 1795[16], d. in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan, United States[16] on 7 Nov. 1862[16], son of (AIM-24) Elijah and (EA-9) Esther (BATES) REED.
24ix.ABRAM RANDALL, (JR.), b. on 31 July 1800[13] in Colchester[13]; d. on 27 May 1878[13] in Grand Rapids[13].
25x.MATILDA RANDALL, b. on 11 Nov. 1803[15] in Mohawk[15]; d. on 16 Dec. 1871[15] in Lock, Michigan[15].
26xi.KETURAH RANDALL, b. on 6 Sept. 1805[15] in Mohawk[15].
27xii.LUCY R. RANDALL, b. on 6 Dec. 1808[15] in Mohawk[15]; d. in Sept. 1853[15] in Grand Rapids[15].

Generation Eight

23. HANNAH8 RANDALL (Abraham7, Sylvester6, Benjamin5, John4, John3, Mathew2, Mathew1), daughter of (15) Abraham7 and (AMW-7) Hannah (STARK) RANDALL, was born on 29 March 1798[14] in Colchester[14], and died between June 1860 and 1908. She married in Mohawk[16], on 13 March 1822[16], (AIM-39) LEWIS REED, son of (AIM-24) Elijah and (EA-9) Esther (BATES) REED, who was born on 19 Oct. 1795[16] in Schodack[16], and died on 7 Nov. 1862[16] in Grand Rapids[16]. [14, 1, 2, 3]
Obituary: "In the death, October 2, of Mrs. Hannah, widow of Lewis Reed, announced in these columns today, this community loses another of its worthy pioneer settlers, and one the record of whose life comes down to present time from a former century. Mrs. Reed was a daughter of Abram Randall, Sr., and a sister of Abram Randall, Jr., who died in this city in November, two years ago. She was born March 29, 1798, at Lebanon, Connecticut, whence she removed early in life with her parents to German Flats, Herkimer County, N.Y. At the age of 24 she married Lewis Reed, and in 1834 they came to Grand Rapids, with a family of six children, and settled upon the bank of the lake which now bears their name. She was the mother of ten children in all, but five of whom, one son and four daughters, are now living---Osmond Reed, Mrs. C. N. Adams, Mrs. A. W. Meech, Mrs. M. G. Randall, and Mrs. Alonzo Gardner, of Dakota. Whatever of privation or hardship. of hope and good prospects, of labor and development, of self-help and help-one-another, has been incident to the building up of this community from the beginning half a century ago, Mrs. Reed shared. With a life without stain, and never wearying in good work, she was a veritable "mother in Israel," the model wife, mother, neighbor and friend whom all delight to honor and revere. She goes to her rest under the silvery halo of years far beyond the common lot, and blessed in love and memory."
Children: See (AIM-39) Lewis REED

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