Section AKK: Descendants of _____ Sayles

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Generation One

1. _____ SAYLES was born between 1515 and 1611, and died between 11 Aug. 1625 and 1721. He married on 11 Aug. 1625.
+2i.JOHN2 SAYLES, b. about 1630; d. in 1681 in Middletown, Newport Co., Rhode Island, United States; m. about 1650[1, 3] (ATE-4) MARY WILLIAMS, b. in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts, United States[5] in Aug. 1633[5], d. in Middletown in 1681, daughter of (ATE-3) Roger and (DO-3) Mary (BARNARD) WILLIAMS.

Generation Two

2. JOHN2 SAYLES (_____1), son of (1) _____ SAYLES, was born between 1592 and 1638, and died in 1681 in Middletown. He married about 1650[1, 3], (ATE-4) MARY WILLIAMS, daughter of (ATE-3) Roger and (DO-3) Mary (BARNARD) WILLIAMS, who was born in Aug. 1633[5] in Plymouth[5], and died in 1681 in Middletown. [1, 2, 5]
"Until very recently John Sales of Charlestown was thought to be the man of the same name who appeared in the late 1630s in Providence, Rhode Island, but an excellent article by Gwenn Epperson, published in 1992, demonstrates that the Charlestown man went instead to New Netherland, and the ancestry of the Providence John Sayles remains to be discovered."[4]
+3i.MARY3 SAYLES, b. on 11 July 1652 in Providence, Providence Co., Rhode Island; d. in 1717 in Warwick, Kent Co., Rhode Island; m. on 12 Oct. 1680[1] (VS-18) JOHN HOLMES, b. in Salem, Essex Co., Massachusetts in 1649, d. on 2 Oct. 1712, son of (VS-6) Obadiah and Katherine (HYDE) HOLMES.

Generation Three

3. MARY3 SAYLES (John2, _____1), daughter of (2) John2 and (ATE-4) Mary (WILLIAMS) SAYLES, was born on 11 July 1652 in Providence, and died in 1717 in Warwick. She married on 12 Oct. 1680[1], (VS-18) JOHN HOLMES, son of (VS-6) Obadiah and Katherine (HYDE) HOLMES, who was born in 1649 in Salem, and died on 2 Oct. 1712. [1]
Child: See (VS-18) John HOLMES

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