Section KU: Descendants of John de Clinton, 1st Lord Clinton

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Generation One

1. JOHN1 DE CLINTON, 1ST LORD CLINTON has an unknown birthdate. He married (AFH-3) IDA ODINGSELLS, daughter of (AFH-2) William and (Q-100) Ela (FITZ WALTER) DE ODINGSELLS. [6, 11]

Generation Two

2. JOHN2 DE CLINTON, 2ND LORD CLINTON (John1), son of (1) John1, 1st Lord Clinton and (AFH-3) Ida (ODINGSELLS), was born between 1228 and 1384, and died between 1288 and 1494. He married MARGERY CORBET. [7, 11]
2nd Baron Clinton
Beginning here backwards to Walter FITZ ROBERT the source is
"Americans of Royal Descent", p.385.
+3i.JOHN3 DE CLINTON, 3RD LORD CLINTON, b. about 1330 in Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom; d. on 6 Sept. 1398; m. (AKJ-8) IDONEA DE SAY, d. about 1384, daughter of (AKJ-7) Geoffrey IV, (Adm.) and (EE-18) Maud (de BEAUCHAMP).
+4ii.IDA DE CLINTON, b. about 1330; m. (RF-3) SIR BALDWIN DE FREVILLE, b. in 1317[4], d. on 23 March 1375[10], son of (RF-2) Baldwin DE FREVILLE.

Generation Three

3. JOHN3 DE CLINTON, 3RD LORD CLINTON (John2, John1), son of (2) John2, 2nd Lord Clinton and Margery (CORBET), was born in Warwickshire, and died on 6 Sept. 1398. He married (AKJ-8) IDONEA DE SAY, daughter of (AKJ-7) Geoffrey IV, (Adm.) and (EE-18) Maud (de BEAUCHAMP), who died about 1384. [7, 11]
3rd Baron Clinton of Maxstoke, Co. Warwick
+5i.MARGARET4 DE CLINTON, b. about 1350; m. (ADJ-1) SIR BALDWIN DE MONTFORT, b. in Coleshill Manor, Warwickshire.
4. IDA3 DE CLINTON (John2, John1), daughter of (2) John2, 2nd Lord Clinton and Margery (CORBET), was born between 1295/6 and 1336, and died between 1351 and 1446. She married (RF-3) SIR BALDWIN DE FREVILLE, son of (RF-2) Baldwin DE FREVILLE, who was born in 1317[4], and died on 23 March 1375[10]. [8]
Child: See (RF-3) Sir Baldwin de FREVILLE

Generation Four

5. MARGARET4 DE CLINTON (John3, John2, John1), daughter of (3) John3, 3rd Lord Clinton and (AKJ-8) Idonea (de SAY), was born between 1302 and 1395, and died between 1342/3 and 1504. She married (ADJ-1) SIR BALDWIN DE MONTFORT, who was born in Coleshill Manor. [2, 3, 5, 9, 11]
It is not certain that she was daughter of Idonea de Say. She could be child of an unknown 2nd wife of Sir John de Clinton.[1]
Child: See (ADJ-1) Sir Baldwin de MONTFORT

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