Section AMA: Descendants of William Smyth

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Generation One

1. WILLIAM1 SMYTH has an unknown birthdate. He married EMOTT _____. [12, 15]
The Visitation of Gloucestershire states: "For a full pedigree of this family see Preface to vol. i., Smyth's 'Lives of the Berkeleys,' edited by Sir John Mclean."[12]
+2i.RICHARD2 SMITH, b. about 1570.
+3ii.THOMAS SMYTH, b. about 1540 in Hoby, Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom[12]; m. (BA-2) JOANE ALLAYNE, daughter of (BA-1) Richard ALLAYNE.

Generation Two

2. RICHARD2 SMITH (William1), son of (1) William1 and Emott (_____) SMYTH, was born between 1535/6 and 1582, and died between 1595 and 1692. [12, 15]
+4i.RICHARD3 SMITH, b. in 1596[9] in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England[9]; d. in 1666[5] in Wickford, Washington Co., Rhode Island, United States[5]; m. (1) JOAN BARTON, b. in Gloucestershire[17] about 1599[17]; m. (2) ELIZABETH _____, b. in Gloucestershire in 1599, d. in Kingston, Washington Co.[17] in 1664[17].
3. THOMAS2 SMYTH (William1), son of (1) William1 and Emott (_____) SMYTH, was born in Hoby[12], and died between 1565 and 1662. He married (BA-2) JOANE ALLAYNE, daughter of (BA-1) Richard ALLAYNE. [12, 15]
+5i.JOHN3 SMYTH of Nibley, Gloucestershire, b. in 1566[17]; d. on 29 April 1639[17] in Nibley[15]; m. (1) GRACE THOMAS, d. in Nibley[15] on 9 Nov. 1609[15]; m. (2) on 9 Jan. 1609[13] in Cowley, Gloucestershire[13] MARY BROWNING, b. in North Nibley, Gloucestershire[17] in 1569[17].

Generation Three

4. RICHARD3 SMITH (Richard2, William1), son of (2) Richard2 SMITH, was born in 1596[9] in Gloucester[9], and died between 1 Jan. 1666 and 22 Aug. 1666[5] in Wickford[5]. He married (1st) JOAN BARTON, who was born about 1599[17] in Gloucestershire[17]. He married (2nd) of Narragansett, Washington Co., ELIZABETH _____, who was born in 1599 in Gloucestershire, and died in 1664[17] in Kingston[17]. [2, 8, 10, 17, 9, 5]
To Taunton, Mass
1637 to Kingston, RI
W. D. dated before 1664
(Wife Died?)
"Topograph. Dict...":
Came from ?, Gloustershire, England to Taunton; Kingston, RI (Austin Gen.
Her son Richard Smith, Jr., then Major and Chief Commander of His Majesty's Militia, wrote from his home in Naragansett on Oct. 22, 1669, to his "unkell, William Barton, Morton, Gloucestershire," in which he desires to be remembered to his aunt (name indistinct, but looks like Toland). This letter was found among the familiy papers of the Smiths of Nibley, Gloucestershire.[11]
He was apparently NOT the son of John Smyth and Mary Browning of Nibley, who were married in 1609. Their son Richard was apparently born 1631.[14]
Phillimore, in 1894, suggested that this Richard Smith of Narragansett was the son of Richard Smith, the son of William Smith of Humberstone (the earliest known ancestor). Hence, he would be the cousin, not the son, of John Smith who married Mary Browning.[11]
Children of: Richard3 SMITH and Elizabeth _____:
6i.RICHARD4 SMITH JR., b. about 1630/1.
7ii.ELIZABETH SMITH, b. about 1630/1; m. JOHN VIALL.
8iii.JOAN SMITH, b. about 1630; m. on 31 March 1648[16] in Flushing, Queens Co., New York, United States[16] THOMAS NEWTON, d. in Newtown, New York[16] on 28 May 1683[16].
+9iv.CATHERINE SMITH, b. about 1620 in Exeter, Washington Co.; d. about 1664[5]; m. on 24 Sept. 1643[4, 7] in New Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York[4, 7] (AFN-11) GYSBERT OP DEN DYCK, chr. in St. Willibrod, Wesel, Rhineland, Prussia[3, 7] on 25 Sept. 1605[3, 7], d. after 1664[6], son of (AFN-10) Lodowick and Gertrude (van WESEK) OP DEN DYCK.
5. JOHN3 SMYTH (Thomas2, William1) of Nibley, son of (3) Thomas2 and (BA-2) Joane (ALLAYNE) SMYTH, was born in 1566[17], died on 29 April 1639[17] in Nibley[15] and was buried on 27 Feb. 1640[15] in Nibley[15]. He married (1st) GRACE THOMAS, who died on 9 Nov. 1609[15] in Nibley[15]. He married (2nd) in Cowley[13], on 9 Jan. 1609[13], MARY BROWNING, who was born in 1569[17] in North Nibley[17]. [12, 17, 14, 15]
The famous historian of Berkeley.[13]
Children of: John3 SMYTH and Mary BROWNING:
10i.JOHN4 SMYTH, bp. on 12 Sept. 1611[14] in Nibley[14]; d. on 17 Sept. 1692[14] in North Nibley[14].
11ii.THOMAS SMYTH, bp. on 27 Dec. 1613[15] in Nibley[15].
12iii.ELIZABETH SMYTH, b. about 1615[14].
13iv.URSULA SMYTH, bp. on 1 May 1618[15] in Nibley[15].
14v.MARY SMYTH, b. about 1600/1.
15vi.WILLIAM SMYTH, bp. on 22 May 1625[15] in Nibley[15].
16vii.SARA SMYTH, bp. on 23 Sept. 1627[15] in Nibley[15]; bur. on 2 Feb. 1642/3[15] in Nibley[15].
17viii.GEORGE SMYTH, b. in 1629[14].
18ix.RICHARD SMYTH, b. in 1631[14] in Nibley[15].

Generation Four

9. CATHERINE4 SMITH (Richard3, Richard2, William1), daughter of (4) Richard3 and Elizabeth (_____) SMITH, was born about 1620 in Exeter, and died between 1654 and 1674[5]. She married in New Amsterdam[4, 7], on 24 Sept. 1643[4, 7], (AFN-11) GYSBERT OP DEN DYCK, son of (AFN-10) Lodowick and Gertrude (van WESEK) OP DEN DYCK, who was christened on 25 Sept. 1605[3, 7] in St. Willibrod[3, 7], and died after 1664[6]. [1, 7, 9, 5]
Child: See (AFN-11) Gysbert OP DEN DYCK

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