Section ADC: Descendants of John Molyneux

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Generation One

1. JOHN1 MOLYNEUX was born about 1454 in Hawkley, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom, and died between 1491 and 1574.
+2i.ROGER2 MOLYNEUX, b. before 1480 in Hawkley; m. _____ LANCASTER, b. in Raynhill, Lancashire about 1480.

Generation Two

2. ROGER2 MOLYNEUX (John1), son of (1) John1 MOLYNEUX, was born before 1480 in Hawkley, and died between 1483/4 and 1590. He married _____ LANCASTER, who was born about 1480 in Raynhill.
+3i.RICHARD3 MOLYNEUX, b. about 1488[2] in Hawksley, Lancashire[2]; m. (AFR-2) CATHERINE ORRELL, b. in Orrell, Lancashire about 1480, daughter of (AFR-1) Pyers, Gentleman.

Generation Three

3. RICHARD3 MOLYNEUX (Roger2, John1), son of (2) Roger2 and _____ (LANCASTER) MOLYNEUX, was born about 1488[2] in Hawksley[2], and died between 1497/8 and 1608. He married (AFR-2) CATHERINE ORRELL, daughter of (AFR-1) Pyers, Gentleman, who was born about 1480 in Orrell. [2, 1]
+4i.JANE4 MOLINEUX of Hawksley, b. about 1517; m. about 1555[1] (AUA-2) RALPH WOODWARD of Shavington, Cheshire, England, son of (AUA-1) Hugh WOODWARD.

Generation Four

4. JANE4 MOLINEUX (Richard3, Roger2, John1) of Hawksley, daughter of (3) Richard3 and (AFR-2) Catherine (ORRELL) MOLYNEUX, was born between 1491/2 and 1517, and died between 1545 and 1627. She married about 1555[1], (AUA-2) RALPH WOODWARD of Shavington, son of (AUA-1) Hugh WOODWARD. [1]
Child: See (AUA-2) Ralph WOODWARD

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