Section AGE: Descendants of William Patrick

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Generation One

1. WILLIAM1 PATRICK was born about 1230, and died between 1259 and 1350. He married BEATRICE MALPAS, who was born about 1230, and died in 1290.
+2i.ISABELLA2 PATRICK of Shocklache, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom, b. in 1260; d. after 1290; m. in Feb. 1284 (ANN-2) RICHARD SUTTON of Warsop, Nottinghamshire, England, b. on 29 Sept. 1266, d. after 25 April 1318, son of (ANN-1) Robert and Joanna Jane (_____) SUTTON.

Generation Two

2. ISABELLA2 PATRICK (William1) of Shocklache, daughter of (1) William1 and Beatrice (MALPAS) PATRICK, was born in 1260, and died between 1290 and 1370. She married in Feb. 1284, (ANN-2) RICHARD SUTTON of Warsop, son of (ANN-1) Robert and Joanna Jane (_____) SUTTON, who was born on 29 Sept. 1266, and died after 25 April 1318.
Child: See (ANN-2) Richard SUTTON