Section ZH: Descendants of Thomas Lide

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Generation One

1. THOMAS1 LIDE was born in 1546[10] in Inkberrow, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom[10], and died between 1596 and 1656[9] in England[9]. He married JANE GIBBS, who was born about 1550 in Inkberrow, and died in England. [4, 1, 2]
+2i.JANE2 LIDE, b. about 1578[8] in Inkberrow[8]; m. (HL-13) EDWARD BROWNE, b. in Inkberrow[2] on 9 Sept. 1566[3, 5], d. in Inkberrow[6] on 24 Jan. 1649[6], son of (HL-2) William and Magdalene (ELSICK) BROWNE.

Generation Two

2. JANE2 LIDE (Thomas1), daughter of (1) Thomas1 and Jane (GIBBS) LIDE, was born about 1578[8] in Inkberrow[8], and died between 1604 and 1697 in Inkberrow[7]. She married (HL-13) EDWARD BROWNE, son of (HL-2) William and Magdalene (ELSICK) BROWNE, who was born on 9 Sept. 1566[3, 5] in Inkberrow[2], and died on 24 Jan. 1649[6] in Inkberrow[6]. [1, 2]
Joan Lide -
Children: See (HL-13) Edward BROWNE

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